This page is about the conflict between Sonic the Hedgehog and Imperator Dominus Bellum.


Out of all of Sonic's foes, even Dr. Eggman, Bellum was his greatest enemy. Sonic hates Bellum with a huge passion (even more than Eggman), that he would go out of his way to fight the general in an aggressive manner. While Bellum respects and admires the Hedgehog, he would want nothing but to take Sonic as his apprentice. Sonic often loses his battles with the Imperator, but in a far more brutal way. While Bellum holds no interest or desire to kill Sonic, the hedgehog is often injured badly almost to the point of losing consciousness or confidence. Despite this, Sonic is still alive and can recover. The reason why Bellum is usually victorious is because he knows Sonic better than the hedgehog knows himself. The general knows a way around the young hedgehog's strategies and counters them with patience, surprise, and deception. He would also cruelly taunt the hedgehog to weaken him emotionally and psychologically.


  • This is the first conflict in where Sonic usually loses to a villain.
  • Bellum is considered to replace Eggman as Sonic's archenemy.
  • This conflict will replace Sonic's conflict with Eggman.