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This is my fan fiction series planning.

Sonic GT is a sequel to the Sonic X series with better storyline, plot elements, and many differences along with not only another Rare collaboration with Banjo-Kazooie and Conker, but with elements of all Sonic universes (aka games, shows, comics, etc.). It is also a crossover of it and the following franchises:

Freedom Planet
Legend of Zelda
Kid Icarus
Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
Ace Attorney
Trauma Center
Spyro (Legend of Spyro version)
Crash Bandicoot (Super Saiyan Crash's version)
Street Fighter
Final Fight
Mischief Makers
Megaman X
Megaman Zero
Megaman Legends
Mighty No. 9
Space Channel 5
Jet Set Radio
Codename: Kids Next Door
Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit
Fables/The Wolf Among Us
Billy Hatcher
ToeJam & Earl
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA
Kung Fu Panda
Ape Escape
Sly Cooper
Ratchet & Clank
Jak & Daxter
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal
Dexter's Laboratory
Powerpuff Girls
Ben 10: Alien Force/Ultimate Alien
Generator Rex
Danny Phantom
My Life as a Teenage Robot
Angelic Layer
Zatch Bell
Beyblade: Metal series
BeyWheelz: Powered by Beyblade
BeyWarriors BeyRaiderz
Dragon Ball series
Sailor Moon
One Piece
Yu Yu Hakusho
Saint Seiya/Knights of the Zodiac
Fullmetal Alchemist
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Rave Master
Fairy Tail
Angry Birds
Edna & Harvey
The Legend of Zelda
DC Universe
F-Zero: GP Legend
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Black Butler
Puella Magi Madoka Magica (with elements of Puella Magi Madoka Magica Crystal)
ThunderCats (2011)
Soul Calibur series
Mortal Kombat
Dead or Alive
Kill la Kill
Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (with elements from Mystical 7 with Yugatem)
Assassination Classroom
Cyborg 009
Medaka Box
Pretty Cure series

Sonic GT
Created by Toonwriter
Run time 30 minutes
Rated *TV-Y7/TV-14 Mainly on Season 1

TV-MA Lemons, OAV 1 Ep 25 & 26 and Season 2 Onward

Network Toonami

Plot Overview

In this ultimate sequel that takes place after Sonic X, there will be more characters and some arcs that are based on certain games (only slightly different). Also in Sonic GT, Chris and Helen had children along with Daniel and Francine. They are known respectively as Raymond & Emily Thorndyke and Marshall & Suzette. These four kids are new human allies to the Sonic Heroes upon their return to Earth.

There are other kids/teens that became more human allies and friends that join the Sonic Heroes as warriors. Among them are a team of ape-catching kids, a bunch of students from Bullworth Academy, two kids from NiGHTs: Journey of Dreams named William and (ironically) Helen, three girls with special hamsters (called Ham-Hams) named Laura, Kana, and Maria Foray, an escaped convict named James Earl Cash, a DeathWatch participant named Jack Cayman, a man and wife named Josh and Kate, a time-traveling boy named Marty McFly, his girlfriend Jennifer, a scientist named Dr. Emmett L. Brown, his wife Clara Clayton Brown, and his two sons Jules and Verne. The Sonic Heroes also met four animal friends, and they, too, love adventure and treasure hunting. The four animals are together known as Tom Sawyer, Becky Thatcher, Huckleberry Finn and Amy Lawrence, along with Tom's pet frog named Rebel. They and the new human friends are all helpful to Sonic and friends through all their adventures. There will also be a time when the Sonic Heroes team with Mario and his friends, just like before in Super Mario Bros. Z. This time, though, Bowser, the Koopalings, Ranamon and the whole Koopa army are good and they all make a formidable team.

Of course, Gary Smith (the antagonist of Bully), former Bullworth Academy student, now expelled, also appeared in Sonic GT, and he joins the villains in vengeance against Jimmy Hopkins and his friends, going out of line by vowing to kill them and all their new friends (the Sonic Heroes, that is). Derby Herrington felt the same way, and discovering that he and Gary have a common goal, he joined the villains as well. Injurin' Joe, a murderous criminal grizzly bear, was found and revived by Eggman 2.0 and Robotnik, and he vowed to kill Tom Sawyer and his friends once and for all, becoming another member of Eggman 2.0's evil forces. Diablor Koopa, Bowser's evil twin brother, joined with Eggman 2.0 and become a formidable ally along with his own Koopalings, Mistress 9, Cackletta, Fawful, Midbus, the traitors of Bowser's army and more. Biff Tannen and his family also joined Eggman 2.0's forces and became the Tannen Mob, just like one of the alternate realities Marty traveled through, only that it's real. The son of Biff Tannen, McBiff Tannen, greatly resembles Biff's younger self, and he's a worthy member of the Tannen Mob. Of course, he's as bungling as Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts. Specter, the evil and intelligent white monkey, joined the evil forces as well along with his mind-controlled apes. Specter considers Caesar and his colony of apes their enemies, since they resisted his power. At the start of the fourth arc, Eggman 2.0 made a deadly alliance with Bison and Seth along with the forces of Shadaloo. After the Rise of Nightmares movie, using another Seth clone body, one of the main antagonists of Rise of Nightmares, known as Viktor, was brought back from the dead, along with Mary in the body of a female demon. In fact, yet another Seth clone- a red one- was used as the new and permanent body of Kaiba's evil stepfather, Gozaburo Kaiba, who joined Robotnik as another member of the S.S.S.S.S. Squad. The more villains joined together, the more dangerous they will be for the heroes. Later on, Eggman 2.0 gains a new headquarters and authority in a domain infamously known as Arkham City, which relocated to a location miles close to Station Square. There, all criminals, terrorists and serial killers worship him as their ruler and became a part of his army.


This will be the cast of Sonic GT (And please, no changing the cast; it must stay like this):

Sonic: Johnny Yong Bosch (sounding very similar to Ryan Drummond)
Tails: Colleen O'Shaughnessey (sounding very similar to Corey Bringas)
Knuckles: Steven Jay Blum (sounding very similar to Scott Dreier)
Amy Rose: Lisa Ortiz (also sounding very similar to Jennifer Douillard)
Cream: Jessica Boone
Cosmo: Andrea Libman
Sticks: Nika Futterman
Carly: Sarah Vowell
Shadow: Jason Griffith
Rouge: Megan Fahlenbock (sounding very similar to Lani Minella)
Caesar: Andy Serkis
Silver: Andrew Francis
Blaze: Laura Bailey
Marine: Monica Rial
Shade: Luci Christian
Manic: Greg Cipes
Sonia: Louise Ridgeway
Sally Acorn: Kath Soucie
Bunnie: Ashleigh Ball (Rainbow Dash's Applejack imitation, to sound very similar to the late Christine Cavanaugh)
Antoine: Rob Paulsen
Rotor: Brian Donovan
Mina: Ashley Johnson
Muttson: Nancy Cartwright
Tuftee: Stuart Allen
Devvra: Jo Armeniox
Shine: Kirk Thornton
Sonix: Vincent Tong
Vixian: Amy Palant
Dakaara: Liam O'Brien
Gemerl: Vic Mignogna
Emerl MK II: Will Friedle
Shania: Ashley Johnson
Madow: Will Friedle
Rocket: Roger Craig Smith
Terios: Greg Abbey
Rob O': Eric Stuart
Lupe: Lindsay Seidel
Zooey: Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Perci: Cindy Robinson
Staci: Nika Futterman
Peachy: Cherami Leigh
Daffodil: Laura Post
Highsock: Monica Rial
Stefan: Roger Craig Smith
Elise: Lacey Chabert
Spike the Porcupine: Wayne Grayson
Sonar the Fennec: Christine Marie Cabanos
Trevor Burrow: Steve Cardenas
Kinnik: Eric Stuart
Flaire: Kerry Williams
Nephthys: Kimberly Brooks
Triffle: Veronica Taylor
Umagon: Joshua Seth
Maclain: Cathy Weseluck (Spike's voice)
Toa: Greg Abbey
Riya: Amy Birnbaum
Alana: Kerry Williams
Mazdan: Dante Basco
Coal: Dan Green (Yami Yugi's voice)
Lilac: Dawn Michelle Bennett
Carol: Amanda Lott
Milla: Aimee Smith
Spade: Sean Chiplock
Torque: Patrick M. Seymour
Cinna: Matt Lanter
Natalina: Jennifer Hale
Mike: Steven Blum
Jilla: Tara Strong
Clinter: Darren Dunstan
Lux: Kara Eberle
Selma: Cristina Vee
Mero: Yuri Lowenthal
Wynona: Kate Higgins
Mistral: Dante Basco
Spiky: Marc Swint
Milo: Sean Schemmel
Marcella: Monica Rial
Felicity: Caitlin Glass
Florin: Jerry Jewell
Eva: Colleen Clinkenbeard
Beowulf: Chris Rager
Tyra: Nicole Sullivan
Rose: Cathy Cavadini
Dane: Corey Burton
Bobo: Matthew McFadyen
Dail: Sean Chiplock
Moses: Haley Joel Osment
Derix: Vic Mignogna
Lamar: Steven Blum
Lacey: Amy Birnbaum
Maria: Bella Hudson
Ashura: Dan Petronijevic
Avior: Yuri Lowenthal
Wechnia: Crispin Freeman
Serina: Willa Holland
Gela: Erika Harlacher
Meryl: Lara Jill Miller
Nitro: Ian Ziering
Zoomer: Jaleel White
Fina: Carleigh Beverly
Sparks: Jesse McCartney
Reils: Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Farooq: Dan Green
Hailey: ‎Maggie McDowell
Toffee: Kerry Williams
Wynetta: Bella Hudson
Dena: Kari Wahlgren
Galaxina: Veronica Taylor
Paine: Eric Vale
Nightshade: Kelly Sheridan
Voltage: Haley Joel Osment
Electrina: Hayden Panettiere
Vinnie: Scott Menville
Kegan: Greg Abbey
Janice: Lindsay Seidel
Pyrax: Matthew Charles
Flamona: Ashley Johnson
Mikeo: Yuri Lowenthal
Jaws: Yuri Lowenthal
Marina: Stephanie Sheh
Ember: Jennifer Douillard
Razor: Jason David Frank
Blade: Amy Jo Johnson
Coral: Erika Fong
Pearly: Grey DeLisle
Cpt. Striker: Danny Huston
Iceblast: Jim Miller
Deacon: Kyle Hebert
Delgos: Dan Green
Shaion: Melissa Fahn
Bilbo: Small Fire
G-Rex: Greg Cipes
Sonica: Brina Palencia
Ruby: Michelle Ruff
Julie-Su: Kira Tozer
Vector: Keith Silverstein
Allison the Crocodile: Grey DeLisle
Espio: Troy Baker
Michelle the Wolf: Karen Strassman
Charmy: Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Saffron Bee: Caitlin Glass
Melinda the Moth: Monica Rial
Mighty: Daryl Sabara
Ray: Maile Flanagan
Ollie: Amanda Celine Miller
Mary: Tara Strong
Sonichu: Yuri Lowenthal
Herina: Arryn Zech
Rokon: Kayzie Rogers
Theresa: Debi Derryberry
Paku Aku: Greg Eagles
Ristar: Micah Solusod
Honey the Cat: Allison Keith
Selfish: Chris Patton
Johnny Lightfoot: Vic Mignogna
Butterscotch: Claire Corlett
Albion: Dan Green
Twilestia: Tara Strong
Flutterscotch: Andrea Libman
Pinken: Andrea Libman
Rainboom: Ashleigh Ball
Applene: Ashleigh Ball
Regalia: Tabitha St. Germain
Big the Cat: Oliver Wyman
Elias Acorn: Yuri Lowenthal
Jaxen: Josh Keaton
Adam Rhodes: Jerry Jewell
Dani Rose: Cindy Robinson
Barsik: Gary Mack
Griff: Charlie Schlatter
Ayla: Kate Higgins
Jevon: Tom Gibis
Jolt: Pete Capella
Livia: Elara Distler
Chip: Aaron Dismuke
Dulcy: Cree Summer
Shahra: Bella Hudson
Shard: Jim Miller
NICOLE: Rachel Lillis
Nicom: Drew Barrymore
E-102 Gamma: Bruce Boxleitner
E-123 Omega: Travis Willingham
E-10000B: Wally Wingert
Eggward: Brad Swaile
Breezie: Jamie Marchi
Bikebot: Cathy Weseluck
Wallace A. Ditso: Ian James Corlett
Torch: Derek Stephen Prince
Chef Wolfgang Puke: French Tickner
Peeper: ??????
O-Zone: ??????
Dr. Eggman: Mike Pollock
Clux: Carter Cathcart
Drillmeister: Clancy Brown
Grapenut: Dane Boedigheimer
Jet the Hawk: Vic Mignogna
Wave the Swallow: Kate Higgins
Storm the Albatross: Dan Green
Blur the Falcon: Logan Grove
Isadora the Parrot: Ariel Winter
Radiak the Robin: Cameron Bowen
Lam the Sea Gull: Drew Nelson
Gankuro the Woodpecker: Greg Ayers
Katashi: Yuri Lowenthal
Tekno: Kara Edwards
Tiara: Tara Strong
King Damashi: Dan Lorge
Queen Aleena: Nicole Oliver
Jules: Doug Erholtz
Bernadette: Dorothy Elias-Fahn
Uncle Chuck: Greg Baldwin
Banjo: Bill Farmer
Kazooie: Cree Summer
Wreck-It Ralph: John C. Reilly
Merida: Kelly MacDonald
Vanellope: Sarah Silverman
Fix-It Felix, Jr.: Jack McBrayer
Sgt. Calhoun: Jane Lynch
Tycus: Nolan North
Azalea: Hynden Walch
Viscera: Troy Baker
Raymond: Suzanne Goldish
Laura: Moneca Stori
Emily: Amy Birnbaum
NiGHTS: Julissa Aguirre
Shantae: Tabitha St. Germain
William Taylor: Riley O'Flynn
Helen Cartwright: Victoria Ashby
Hope: Monica Rial
Josh: Gideon Emery
Kate: Amy Ellenberger
Jimmy Hopkins: Gerry Rosenthal
Zoe Taylor: Molly Fox
Ruby Rose: Lindsay Jones
Weiss Schnee: Kara Eberle
Blake Belladonna: Arryn Zech
Yang Xiao Long: Barbara Dunkelman
Crash: Yuri Lowenthal
Julia: Tara Platt
Coco: Debi Derryberry
Cody: David Gallagher
Crunch: Chris Williams
Carbon: Wally Wingert
Guren: Eric Stuart
Maximus: Crispin Freeman
Tamina: Luci Christian
Megamix: Steven Blum
Derukui: Rebecca Shoichet
Aku Aku: Greg Eagles
Cloud: Vic Mignogna
Jasmine: Carrie Savage
Samantha: Tara Strong
Geoff: Sean Schemmel
Alison: Alyson Court
Kouki: Steve Staley
Natsuki: Monica Rial
Madoka: Christine Marie Cabanos
Homura: Cristina Vee
Sayaka: Sarah Williams
Mami: Carrie Keranen
Kyoko: Lauren Landa
Hitomi: Shelby Lindley
Nagisa: Xanthe Huynh
Myubey: Kerry Williams
Hobson: Matt Hill
Takuji: Yuri Lowenthal
Ciel: Brina Palencia
Sebastian: J. Michael Tatum
Kyosuke: Marianne Miller
Dark Pit: Antony Del Rio
Souji: Steve Staley
Baldroy: Ian Sinclair
Finnian: Jason Liebrecht
Mey-Rin: Monica Rial
Tanaka: R. Bruce Elliott
Madam Red: Lydia Mackay
Ryuko: Erica Mendez
Neo Senketsu: David Vincent
Satsuki: Carrie Keranen
Makona: Christine Marie Cabanos
Gamagoori: Patrick Seitz
Inumuta: Steve Cannon
Nonon: Sarah Anne Williams
Sanageyama: Grant George
Stocking: Monica Rial
Twilighta: Kira Buckland
Timidshy: Stephanie Sheh
Pinkilo: Andrea Libman
Rainbow Spunk: Erica Mendez
Apple: Ashleigh Ball
Raregem: Tabitha St. Germain
Ribbon: Amanda Leighton
Honekoneko: Cathy Weseluck
Chuck: Ian Sinclair
Yugatem: Dan Green
Rosetta: Nicole Oliver
T-Shirt: Vic Mignogna
Danto: Tim Phillipps
Key: Bryce Papenbrook
Sock: Yuri Lowenthal
Sonikai: Jason Griffith
Punchor: Travis Willingham
Brief: Joel McDonald
Fishnet: Cree Summer
Morganis: Kathleen Barr
James Earl Cash: Stephen Wilfong
Jack Cayman: Steven Jay Blum
Dante: Tim Phillipps
Kat: Sage Mears
Juliet: Tara Strong
Nick: Micheal Rosenbaum
Ash: Veronica Taylor
Sir Aaron: Jason Griffith
Pikachu: Ikue Ohtani
Lucario: Sean Schemmel
Zoroark: Michelle Ruff
Zorua: Eileen Stevens
Keldeo: Vic Mignogna
Douse Genesect: Samia Mounts
Rotom Pokédex: Roger Callagy
Mewzar: Steven Jay Blum
May: Veronica Taylor
Manaphy: Michele Knotz
Dawn: Emily Jenness
Piplup: Michele Knotz
Serena: Haven Paschall
Brock: Eric Stuart
Kathie: Stephanie Anne Mills
Lil' Shocker: Ikue Ohtani
Max: Amy Birnbaum
Jirachi: Kerry Williams
Molly: Amy Birnbaum
Entei: Dan Green
Paul: Julián Rebolledo
Bulla: Parisa Fakhri
Iris: Eileen Stevens
Axew: Kayzie Rogers
D-Meowth: Vic Mignogna
Cilan: Jason Griffith
Clemont: Michael Liscio Jr.
Bonnie: Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Dedenne: Megumi Sato
Korrina: Lisa Ortiz
Lillie: Laurie Hymes
Snowy: Emily Jenness
Kiawe: Marc Swint
Turtonator: Marc Thompson
Mallow: Jessica Paquet
Steenee: Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Lana: Rosie Reyes
Popplio: Eileen Stevens
Sophocles: Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Togedemaru: Kate Bristol
Trip: Jamie McGonnigal
Raichu: Urara Takano
Lovrina: Colleen O'Shaughnessy
Neros: Andy Morris
Shiro: Monica Rial
Ganta: Greg Ayers
Mimi: Lindsay Seidel
Yamakatsu: Micah Solusod
Senji: Patrick Seitz
Yo: Aaron Dismuke
Minatsuki: Leah Clark
Marty McFly: AJ LoCascio
Emmett Brown: Christopher Lloyd
Maria the Hedgehog: Brittany Snow
Sam Speed: Greg Abbey
Ella: Mike Pollock
Tanaka: Darren Dunstan
Topaz: Kayzie Rogers
Jeikon: Travis Willingham
Miranda: Kayzie Rogers
Hugh: Sean Schemmel
Sara: Emilie-Claire Barlow
Twilight Sparkle: Tara Strong (Singing Voice: Rebecca Shoichet)
Applejack: Ashleigh Ball
Rainbow Dash: Ashleigh Ball
Pinkie Pie: Andrea Libman (Singing Voice: Shannon Chan-Kent)
Fluttershy: Andrea Libman
Rarity: Tabitha St. Germain (Singing Voice: Kazumi Evans)
Spike: Cathy Weseluck
Angie: Janyse Jaud
Nyx: Daveigh Chase
Apple Bloom: Michelle Creber
Scootaloo: Madeleine Peters
Sweetie Belle: Claire Corlett
Diamond Tiara: Chantal Strand
Silver Spoon: Shannon Chan-Kent
Babs Seed: Brynna Drummond
Twist: Chiara Zanni
Princess Celestia: Nicole Oliver
Princess Luna: Tabitha St. Germain
Shining Armor: Andrew Francis
Princess Cadance: Britt McKillip
Ben Valorheart: Jason Marsden
Lord Eric: Vic Mignogna
Caramel: Chuck Huber
Brian: Tom Kenny
Lightning: Britt Irvin
Nack: Johnny Yong Bosch
Bean: Lyon Smith
Bark: Crispin Freeman
Nic: Bella Hudson
Hisashi: Patrick Seitz
Nick Fury Jr.: Andre Ware
Maria Hill: Kari Wührer
Steve Rogers/Captain America: David Hayter
Tony Stark/Iron Man: Robert Hays
James Rhodes/War Machine: Dorian Harewood
Pepper Potts/Rescue: Dawn Olivieri
Janet Van Dyne/Wasp: Linda Ballantyne
Clint Barton/Hawkeye: Tony Daniels
Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier: Crispin Freeman
Edwin Jarvis: Graham Harley
J.A.R.V.I.S.: David Kaye
Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver: Adrian Egan
Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch: Jennifer Hale
Simon Williams/Wonder Man: Hamish McEwan
Samuel Wilson/Falcon: Martin Roach
Vision: Rob Rubin
T'Challa/Black Panther: Keith David
Daisy Johnson/Quake: Lacey Chabert
Dr. Henry 'Hank' Pym/Ant-Man: Rod Wilson
Greer Grant Nelson/Tigra: Lenore Zann
Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel: Roscoe Handford
Bobby Heenan/Yellowjacket: Wally Wingert
Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman: Elizabeth Daily
Marc Spector/Moon Knight: Robin Atkin Downes
Phillip Javert/Swordsman: Crispin Freeman
Magdalene: April Stewart
Dennis Dunphy/Demolition Man: Mark Acheson
Bonita Juarez/Firebird: Ruth Livier
Wendell Vaughn/Quasar: Yuri Lowenthal
Monica Rambeau/Photon: Dania Ramirez
Maria De Guadalupe "Lupe" Santiago/Silverclaw: Tara Strong
John F. Walker/U.S. Agent: Justin Gross
Patsy Walker/Hellcat: Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Jacqueline Falsworth/Spitfire: April Stewart
Aaron Stack/Machine Man: Dale Wilson
Delroy Garrett/Triathlon: Phil LaMarr
Sersi: Brett Pels
Daniel "Danny" Rand/Iron Fist: Loren Lester
Whitney Frost/Masque (Cadmus clone): Lisa Zane
Baron Mordo (Cadmus clone): Alan Rickman
Kamala Khan/Hyper Marvel: Shanelle Workman
Thane: Matthew Mercer
Blackagar Boltagon/Black Bolt: Clancy Brown
Medusalith Amaquelin Boltagon/Medusa: Iona Morris
Triton: Mark Hamill
Crystalia Amaquelin/Crystal: Kathy Ireland
Gorgon: Michael Dorn
Karnak: Clyde Kusatsu
Mark Milton/Hyperion: Brian Bloom
Zarda Shelton/Power Princess: April Stewart
Joseph Ledger/Dr. Spectrum: Justin Kirk
Stanley Stewart/Whizzer: Seth Green
Linda Lewis/Skylark: Dana Lyn Baron
Harold Danforth/Haywire: Jeff Pilson
Raleigh Lund/Shape: Vic Chao
Brian Braddock/Captain Britain: Matthew Mercer
Meggan Puceanu/Meggan: Lara Gilchrist
James Sanders/Speed Demon: Patrick Seitz
Kelsey Leigh Kirkland/Lionheart: Katie Griffin
Miguel Santos/Living Lightning: Nolan North
Angela: Summer Glau
Christopher Powell/Darkhawk: Justin Gross
Jocasta: Kate Higgins
Simon Walters/Beta Ray Bill: Paul Dobson
Vance Astrovik/Justice: Sean Donnellan
Elvin Daryl Haliday/Rage: Kevin Michael Richardson
Century: Tom Kane
Victor Tegler/Hercules: Townsend Coleman
Kate Bishop/Quiverhawk: Amanda C. Miller
Scott Lang/Ant-Man: Crispin Freeman
Hope Van Dyne/Wasp: Evangeline Lilly
Luke Cage/Power Man: Kevin Michael Richardson
Jessica Jones/Jewel: Erin Torpey
Thundra: Tara Strong
Flint Marko/Sandman: Daran Norris
Norrin Radd/Silver Surfer: Brent Spiner
Julia Carpenter/Spider-Woman: Jennifer Hale
Jericho Drumm/Doctor Voodoo: Jonathan Adams
James Falsworth/Union Jack: JJ Feild
Doctor Strange: Maurice LaMarche
Matt Murdock/Daredevil: Brian Bloom
Elektra: Gabrielle Carteris
Dr. Bill Foster/Black Goliath: Emerson Brooks
Cindy Moon/Silk: Vanessa Marshall
Namor McKenzie/The Sub-Mariner: James Warwick
Heather Douglas/Moondragon: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Donnie Gill/Blizzard: Troy Baker
Colleen Wing: Emma Stone
Walter Newell/Stingray: Tom Kane
Frederick "Fred" Myers/Boomerang (Cadmus clone): Rob Cowan
Gaveedra-Seven/Shatterstar: Rod Wilson
Barbara "Bobbi" Morse/Mockingbird: Elizabeth Daily
Misty Knight: Cynthia McWilliams
Dane Whitman/Black Knight: Mark Gibbon
Barbara Norriss: Erin Torpey
Valkyrie: Nika Futterman
Dr. Walter Lawson/Captain Marvel: Roger Craig Smith
Erica Danvers/Captain Marvel II: April Stewart
Peter Parker/Spider-Man: Christopher Daniel Barnes
Mary Jane Watson: Sara Ballantine
Harry Osborn/New Goblin: Gary Imhoff
Liz Allen: Marla Rubinoff
Felicia Hardy/Black Cat: Jennifer Hale
Jason Philip Macendale/The Hobgoblin: Mark Hamill
Alistair Smythe: Maxwell Caulfield
Eddie Brock/Venom: Hank Azaria
Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic: Cam Clarke
Susan "Sue" Storm Richards/Invisible Woman: Gail Matthius
Jonathan "Johnny" Storm/Human Torch: Quinton Flynn
Benjamin "Ben" Grimm/The Thing: Patrick Pinney
Dr. Robert Bruce Banner: Neal McDonough
Hulk: Fred Tatasciore
Grey Hulk: Michael Donovan
Betty Ross/Red She-Hulk: Philece Sampler
General Thunderbolt Ross: Keith Ferguson (sounding very similar to the late John Vernon)
Red Hulk: Fred Tatasciore
Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk: Cree Summer
David Baxter: Mark Gibbon
Grey Hulk II: Michael Donovan
Rick Jones: Luke Perry
A-Bomb: Steven Blum
Dr. Donald Blake: Mark L. Taylor
Thor: John Rhys-Davies
Nick Fury Sr.: Scott MacDonald
Sharon Carter/Agent 13: Rachel Davies
Professor Charles Xavier: Cedric Smith
Scott Summers/Cyclops: Norm Spencer
John Logan/Wolverine: Steven Jay Blum
Ororo Monroe/Storm: Alison Sealy-Smith
Jean Grey/Marvel Girl/Phoenix: Catherine Disher
Henry "Hank" McCoy/Beast: George Buza
Jubilee: Alyson Court
Kevin Sydney/Morph: Ron Ruben
Anna Marie/Rogue: Lenore Zann
Remy Lebeau/Gambit: Tony Daniels (sounding very similar to Chris Potter)
Noriko "Nori" Ashida/Surge: Aileen Ong Casas
Moira MacTaggert: Lally Cadeau
Sean Cassidy/Banshee: Jeremy Ratchford
Sarah Rushman/Marrow: Susan Hart
Piotr Rasputin/Colossus: Robert Cait
Illyana Rasputin/Magik: Tara Strong
Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler: Adrian Hough
Elizabeth Braddock/Psylocke: Tasha Simms
Warren Worthington III/Angel/Archangel: Stephen Ouimette
Joanna Cargill/Frenzy: Halle Berry
Bobby Drake/Iceman: Dennis Akayama
Lorna Dane/Polaris: Terri Hawkes
Shiro Yoshida/Sunfire: Dennis Akayama
Neena Thurman/Domino: Gwendoline Yeo
Forge: Marc Strange
Alison "Ali" Blaire/Dazzler: Ruth Marshall
Alex Summers/Havok: Rod Wilson
Tabitha Smith/Boom-Boom: Megan Leitch
Nathan Summers/Cable: Lawrence Bayne
Laura Kinney/X-23: Tara Strong
Elinor Lunarisa/Night-Ice: Idina Menzel
Jamie Madrox/Multiple Man: Dee Bradley Baker
Clarice Ferguson/Blink: Catherine Disher
Roberto "Bobby" da Costa/Sunspot: Adan Canto
Rachel Summers/Flarewing: Venus Terzo
Lucas Bishop/Bishop: Philip Akin
Shard Bishop/Shard: Kay Tremblay
Sarah Rushman/Marrow: Susan Hart
Longshot: Rod Wilson
Emma Frost/The White Queen: Kari Wahlgren
Hisako Ichiki/Armor: Stephanie Sheh
Jean-Paul Beaubier/Northstar: Rene Lemiuex
Jeanne-Mario Beaubier/Aurora: Jennifer Dale
Samuel Zachary Guthrie/Cannonball: Colin O'Meara
Allison Crestmere/Magma: Cree Summer
Angelica "Angel" Jones/Firestar: Kate Higgins
James Proudstar/Warpath/Thunderbird: Dean McDermott
Natalie Blackstone/Cure Black: Rocio Barahona
Hannah Whitehouse/Cure White: Michelle Molineux
Hilary Marigold/Shiny Luminous: Ashley Johnson
Mepple: Roger Rhodes
Mipple: Angie Beers
Porun: Kris Rundle
Lulun: Jessica Boone
Sarah Bloomdale/Cure Bloom/Bright: Amanda C. Miller
May Hawkson/Cure Eaglet/Windy: Monica Rial
Kylie Estrella/Light Tide: Sandy Fox
Flappy: Nicolas Roye
Choppy: Tara Strong
Mupu: Julie Lemieux
Fupu: Sandy Fox
Nicole Olivera/Cure Dream: Kerry Williams
Rena Naderson/Cure Rouge: Erica Mendez
Melanie Love/Cure Lemonade: Maryke Hendrikse
Claire Audrey/Cure Mint: Amanda Miller
Karen Simone/Cure Aqua: Cristina Vee
Kimberly Rose/Milky Rose (Cadmus clone): Cherami Leigh
Anita Bennett/Solar Blaze: Christine Marie Cabanos
Milk/Kimberly Rose: Cherami Leigh
Coco/Chris Cromwell: Johnny Yong Bosch
Nuts/Neil Ferguson: Robbie Daymond
Syrup/Simon Adams: Bryce Papenbrook
Lauren Managello/Cure Peach: Amy Birnbaum
Marley Allerdan/Cure Berry: Kathleen Delaney
Megan (Megs) Pinebush/Cure Pine: Kether Donahue
Sabrina Easton/Cure Passion: Bella Hudson
Tart: Wayne Grayson
Chiffon: Debi Derryberry
Tiffany Hanford/Cure Blossom: Lisa Ortiz
Erika Kinsley/Cure Marine: Andi Whaley
Samantha (Sam) Myerson/Cure Sunshine: Veronica Taylor
Lori Thurgood/Cure Moonlight: Willow Johnson
Torrie Thurgood/Cure Clover: Cindee Mayfield
Chypre: Monica Rial
Coffret: Debi Derryberry
Potpourri: Sandy Fox
Holly Harper/Cure Melody: Amanda Brown
Kirsten Sloane/Cure Rhythm: Sarah Williams
Ellen Kandra/Cure Beat: Mollie Weaver
Alley Chavez/Cure Muse: Andrea Libman
Hummy: Kerry Williams
Emily Holmes/Glitter Lucky: Laura Bailey
Kelsey Hill/Glitter Sunny: Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Lily Parker/Glitter Peace: Alex Cazares
April Green/Glitter Spring: Danielle Judovits
Chloe Winters/Glitter Breeze: Kate Higgins
Dawn Swanson/Glitter Shine: Kazumi Evans
Starla Kynlee/Glitter Comet: Monica Rial
Hailey Andrews/Glitter Galaxy: Lindsey Seidel
Candy: Debi Derryberry
Pop: Todd Haberkorn
Gureru: Cynthia Cranz
EnEn: Brina Palencia
Maya Aida/Glitter Heart: Debi Derryberry
Rachel Hishikawa/Glitter Diamond: Cassandra Lee Morris
Clara Yotsuba/Glitter Clover: Melissa Fahn
Mackenzie Mack/Glitter Spade: Stephanie Sheh
Natalie Madoka/Cure Ace: Erica Lindbeck
Regina: Melissa Fahn
Sharuru: Alex Cazares
Raquel: Veronica Taylor
Lance: Tara Jayne
Dabyi: Christine Marie Cabanos
Aisling: Kate Higgins
Sydney Lovecraft/Cure Lovely: Cindy Robinson
Rianne Burgess/Cure Princess: Colleen Villard
Cara Goodwyn/Cure Honey: Amy Palant
Fiona Destien/Cure Fortune: Karen Neil
Maria Destien/Cure Tender: Bailey Stocker
Ribbon: Laura Bailey
Glasan: Lisa Ortiz
Harriet Florina/Cure Flora: Dove Cameron
Miranda Oceania/Cure Mermaid: Estelle
Kira Brightfield/Cure Twinkle: Megan Lee
Twila Emberhart/Twilight/Cure Scarlet: Piper Curda
Ella Kayden/Cure Zephyr: Sarah Podemski
Cindy Newman/Cure Diane: Kate Higgins
Pafu: Cindy Robinson
Aroma: Kate Higgins
Miss Shamour: Bella Hudson
Dakota Laverne/Cure Miracle: Barbara Mamabolo
Corona Violette/Cure Magical: Katie Griffin
Primrose Emerson/Cure Felice: Bryn McAuley
Melanie Temple/Cure Ursa: Carol-Anne Day
Moforun: Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Candice Roth/Cure Whip: Stephanie Sheh
Joni Wilson/Cure Custard: Jessica Boone
Margaret "Marge" Bailey/Cure Gelato: Amanda C. Miller
Delilah Ortiz/Cure Macaroon: Laura Landa
Sharon Brown/Cure Chocolate: Erica Mendez
Allison Stokes/Cure Parfait: Kelly Sheridan
Pekokin: Sandy Fox
Gusteau: Wayne Grayson
Marshall: Rachael Lillis
Suzette: Kerry Williams
Vanilla: Christine Auten
Tikal: Bella Hudson
Archimedes the Ant: Tom Gibis
Nate: Kevin Michael Richardson
Geoffrey: Khary Payton
Hershey: Stephanie Lemelin
Discord: John de Lancie
Trixie: Kathleen Barr
Boris: Crispin Freeman
Boxco: James Arnold Taylor
Dum-Dum: Richard Steven Horvitz
Warring Malice: Warring Malice
Sunset: Rebecca Shoichet
Lion-O: Will Friedle
Pyrrha: Laura Bailey
Cheetara: Emmanuelle Chriqui
Tygra: Matthew Mercer
WilyKit: Madeleine Hall
WilyKat: Eamon Pirrucello
Panthro: Kevin Michael Richardson
Snarf: Debi Derryberry
Pumyra: Pamela Adlon
Bengali: Johnny Yong Bosch
Lynx-O: Mark Stoddard
Jaga: Corey Burton
Snarfer: Max Charles
Classic Sonic: Jaleel White
Classic Tails: Kate Higgins
Classic Knuckles: Bill Switzer
Classic Amy: Andrea Libman
Classic Sally: Tara Strong
Classic Eggman: Mike Pollock
Dr. Eggman 2.0: John DiMaggio (sounding very similar to the late Deem Bristow)
Dr. Julian Robotnik: Jim Cummings
Dietlinde Eckhart: Kelly Manison
Eggman Nega: Mike Pollock
Dr. Ivo Robotnik (AoStH Robotnik): John DiMaggio (sounding very similar to the late Long John Baldry)
Evion Robotnik: Jim Cummings (sounding exactly like Razoul)
Chroto Robotnik: Eric Vale
Oliga: Kathleen Barr
Eggful: Richard Steven Horvitz
Egg-Titan: Gary Chalk
Julia Robotnik: ??????
Netrix Chromen: Lex Lang
Duka Uka: John DiMaggio
Henry Evans: ??????
Snively: Charlie Adler
Aeon: Jesse Golden
Mephiles: Dan Green
Scourge: Roger Craig Smith
Fiona Fox: Rachel Wilson
Tammy: Rebecca Shoichet
Enerjak: Michael McConnohie
Hurter: Wendy Powell
Alicia: Cindy Robinson
Miles: David Trosko
Changeling: Chris Patton
Drago: Clancy Brown
Predator Hawk: Jerry Jewell
Flying Frog: Kevin Michael Richardson
Sgt. Simian: Dan Castellaneta
Patch: Maurice LaMarche
Baronessa: Veronica Taylor
Boomer: Sebastian Arcelus
Rojuri: Jessica Straus
Mepholina: Carla Collins (Blaineley's voice)
Kronyx: Pete Capella (Supreme King Jaden's voice)
Vigotama: Paul Dobson (Naraku's voice)
Ambrosia: Cindy Robinson (Queen Beryl's Viz voice)
Lightning Lynx: Vincent Tong
Bazooka: Michael Yurchak
Tye-Dye: Stephanie Sheh
Roughhouse: Travis Willingham
Deathon: Patrick Seitz
Lien-Da: Kelly Hu
Ixis Naugus: Shawn Meunier
Mammoth Mogul: Eric Roberts
Nazo: David De Lautour
Rubia: Meredith McCoy
Reala: Casey Robertson
Swifty: Richard Ian Cox
Gustina: Colleen Clinkenbeard
Nega Shadow: Travis Willingham
Tundra: Kent Williams
Scratch: Epic Lloyd
Grounder: Bill Fagerbakke
Coconuts: Derek Stephen Prince
Mecha Sonic: Andrew Chandler
Neo Metal Sonic/Metallix: Ryan Drummond
Mecha Sally/Acorn Woman: Kath Soucie
Mecha Amy/Rose Woman: Hynden Walch
Metal Tails/Tails Man: Maile Flanagan
Metal Knuckles/ Knuckles Man: George Newbern
Metal Cream/Rhythm: Karen Strassman
Metal Cosmo/White Seed: Alyson Stoner
Shadow-Android X/Umbra Man: J. Michael Tatum
Metal Silver/Silver Man: Sean Schemmel
Metal Blaze/Pyre Woman: Susan Eisenberg
Metal Vector/Crocogator Man: Carter Cathcart
Metal Espio/Espio Man: David Wills
Metal Charmy/Charmy Man: Amy Birnbaum
Sleet: Maurice LaMarche
Dingo: John DiMaggio
Turbo: Alan Tudyk
Kyari Dragoon: Tim Curry
Necroshade: Brian West (sounding similar to Wayne Doster)
Techno Destructo: Hunter Jackson
Bozo Destructo: ??????
Metal Cooler: Andrew Chandler
Zerkex: Jamie McGonnigal
Dragon Breath: Phil Hayes
Sir F-Fuzzy Logik: Eric Stuart
Skweel: Gary Chalk
Dynamight: Scott McNeil
Sir Cogsalot: Kevin Thoms
Carbonix: Jeremy Sisto
Hedgerat: ??????
Meanicorn: ??????
Predeagle: ??????
Lionclaw: ??????
Caterkiller: ??????
Crabmeat: ??????
Tinybot: ??????
Amaos: ??????
Lord Brevon: Xander Barriga
Zodick: Greg Ayres
Serpentine: Jason Lord
SYNTAX: Victoria Vitti
King Reyson: Ralph Fiennes
Gruntilda: Pat Carroll
Gary Smith: Peter Vack
Derby Harrington: John Lavelle
Viktor: Braeden Marcott
Mary: Kristina Klebe
Vergil: David De Lautour
McBiff Tannen: Thomas F. Wilson
Biff Tannen: Thomas F. Wilson
Cliff Tannen: Thomas F. Wilson
Riff Tannen: Thomas F. Wilson
Van Kleiss: Troy Baker
Ragyo: Laura Post
Ryuki: Erica Mendez
Nui: Stephanie Sheh
Shinjiro: Johnny Yong Bosch
Vangief: Michael Sorich
Maiko: Dorothy Elias-Fahn
Chojicho: Crispin Freeman
Yamagemaru: Yuri Lowenthal
Scanty: Colleen Clinkenbeard
Kneesocks: Cherami Leigh
Vargo: Daniel Southworth
Nylon: Monica Rial
Glove: Laura Bailey
Changelinga: Kathleen Barr
Wimple: Luci Christian
Corset: Chris Ayres
Fastener: Christopher Bevins
Justin Hammer: Ben Jeffery (sounding similar to Efrem Zimbalist Jr.)
Graydon Creed Jr.: John Stocker
Keigo Ugachi: Jerry Jewell
Zernobog: Vic Mignogna
Rosy: Leah Clark
Sonex: Greg Ayers
Salvy: Jessica Nigri
Panty: Jamie Marchi
Sephirath: Ben Diskin
Jealoushift: Wendy Powell
Greedy Taffy: Chantal Strand
Darka Moonaris: Cindy Robinson
Stockia: Michelle Ruff
Catrina: Grey Griffin
Wrangler: Seth Green
Chuckner: Mike Pollock

The actors of these characters join the Sonic GT cast (Please, no changing):

Mario: Walker Boone
Luigi: Todd Stashwick (voice sounding a lot like Tony Rosato)
Peach: Samantha Kelly
Daisy: Deanna Mustard
Yoshi: Andrew Sabiston
Toad: John Stocker
Toadette: Samantha Kelly
Blue Toad: Isaac Marshall
Yellow Toad: Tara Strong
Red Toad: Perry McGlove
Bowser: Beau Billingslea (voice sounding a lot like Harvey Atkin)
Elphaba: Idina Menzel
Bowser Jr.: Caety Sagoian
Larry Koopa: Lani Minella
Roy Koopa: Dan Falcone
Lemmy Koopa: Lani Minella
Wendy Koopa: Lani Minella
Iggy Koopa: Mike Vaughn
Morton Koopa: Lani Minella
Ludwig Koopa: Mike Vaughn
Rosalina: Mercedes Rose
Birdo: Jen Taylor
Goombario: Jeff Bennett
Goombella: Kerry Williams
Kooper: ??????
Koops: ??????
Bombette: ??????
Flurrie: ??????
Parakarry: ??????
Enzan (green PM2 Yoshi Kid): Veronica Taylor
Bow: Emilie-Claire Barlow
Vivian: Lisa Ortiz
Watt: ??????
Bobbery: ??????
Sushie: ??????
Ms. Mowz: Tabitha St. Germain
Lakilester: Drew Nelson
Po: Jack Black
Tigress: Angelina Jolie
Crane: David Cross
Viper: Lucy Liu
Monkey: Jackie Chan
Mantis: Seth Rogen
Master Shifu: Dustin Hoffman
Thundering Rhino: Victor Garber
Storming Ox: Dennis Haysbert
Croc: Jean-Claude Van Damme
Tai Lung: Ian McShane
Wolfgar: Danny McBride
Gro Fu: Dana Snyder
Zhou Lan: Yuri Lowenthal
Cheela: Luci Christian
Bee-Kei: Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Spike: Haley Joel Osment
Jake: Joshua Seth
Natalie: Amber Wood
Jimmy: Jeremy Shada
Kei: Scott McCord
Yumi: Janice Kawaye
Helga: Lara Jill Miller
Ryan (Getchu-Ryan [from DeviantART]'s Ape Escape OC): Zachary Bennett
Ami (JJAPrice15's Ape Escape OC; Yumi's Best Friend): Julie Lemieux
Professor (Ape Escape): Phil Proctor
Casi: Amy Birnbaum
Pipotchi: Tara Sands
Aki: Julie Nathanson
Dr. Tomoki: Nolan North
Rick Crunchison (JJAPrice15's Ape Escape OC): Chris Williams
Pipotron Red: John DiMaggio
Pipotron Blue: Shawn Meunier
Pipotron Yellow: Fushigi Yamada
Pipotron Green (JJAPrice15's Ape Escape OC): Gavin Hammon
Pipotron Brown (JJAPrice15's Ape Escape OC): Marco Grazzini
Pipotron White (JJAPrice15's Ape Escape OC): Derek Stephen Prince
Pete Kowalski: Matt Bush
Johnny Vincent: Rocco Rosanio
Russell Northrop: Cody Melton
Johnny Vincent: Rocco Rosanio
Earnest Jones: Jesse R. Tendler
Algernon "Algie" Papadopoulos: Brett Tabisel
Beatrice Trudeau: Caitlin Greer
Mandy Wiles: Elena Franklin
Ted Thompson: Alexander Cendese
Ricky Pucino: T.J. Del Reno
Edgar Munsen: Jan Milewicz
Eunice Pound: Cody Lindquist
Jennifer Parker: Claudia Wells
Clara Clayton Brown: Mary Steenburgen
Jules Brown: Joshua Keaton
Verne Brown: Troy Davidson
Einstein: Danny Mann
Tom Sawyer: Rhett Akins
Becky Thatcher: Hynden Walch (speaking) and Lee Ann Womack (singing)
Huckleberry Finn: Mark Wills
Amy Lawrence: Clea Lewis (speaking) and Alecia Elliott (singing)
Rebel the Frog: Dee Bradley Baker
President Robert Kelly: William Baldwin (sounding very similar to the late Len Carlson)
Black Baron: Reno Wilson
Lord Shen: Gary Oldman
Injurin' Joe: Kevin Michael Richardson
Specter: Lyon Smith
Blue Monkey: Crispin Freeman
Pink Monkey: Barbara Mambolo
Red Monkey: Richard Epcar
White Monkey: Scott McNeil
Yellow Monkey: Chris Williams
Green Monkey (Ukki Green; OC by xxsuper-gotenksxx [from DeviantART]): Megan Fahlenbock

Main Good Guys

Main Anti-Heroes

Main Villains

(More to Come)

Supporting Characters


  • SonicxAmy
  • SonicxSally
  • SonicxElise (Hedgehog Cadmus clone)
  • SonicxPeachy
  • SonicxHighsock
  • TailsxCosmo
  • TailsxZooey
  • KnucklesxJulie-Su
  • KnucklesxCarly
  • KnucklesxGalaxina
  • KnucklesxRouge
  • ShadowxCream
  • ShadowxMaria (Hedgehog Cadmus clone)
  • ShadowxNightshade
  • ShadowxRouge
  • ShadowxHailey
  • TrifflexCream
  • XasmaxCream (slightly)
  • AntoinexBunnie
  • JaxenxSonia
  • ManicxMina
  • NitroxDaffodil
  • SilverxBlaze
  • RayxMarine
  • RistarxHoney
  • RazorxStella
  • RalphxMerida
  • FelixxCalhoun
  • AshuraxSerina
  • AviorxFina
  • ShardxNicole
  • AdamxMeryl
  • ShinexEmber
  • BigxDevvra
  • BarsikxMochi
  • VectorxAllison
  • CharmyxSaffron
  • CharmyxMelinda
  • EspioxMichelle
  • VoltagexElectrina
  • PyraxxFlamona
  • GankuroxRuby
  • SalomonxSonica
  • JetxWave
  • StormxKaliyah
  • BlurxIsadora
  • MintxPep
  • ChocolatexVanillina
  • IceblastxTiara
  • AlbionxTwilestia
  • DeaconxRainboom
  • SonichuxHerina
  • RokonxTheresa
  • GriffxAyla
  • TycusxAzalea
  • CinnamonxVanilla
  • StefanxElise
  • BaelfirexLilac
  • SpadexSelma
  • CinnaxNatalina
  • KlonoaxMilla
  • KlonoaxLolo
  • MistralxFelicity
  • FlorinxEva
  • RaymondxLaura
  • HamtaroxBijou
  • WilliamxHelen
  • NerosxShiro
  • GantaxMimi
  • AshxSerena
  • AshxMay
  • AshxDawn
  • AshxLillie
  • LucarioxZoroark
  • BrockxKathie
  • MaxxMolly
  • PaulxBulla
  • TripxLovrina
  • GenkakuxZaki
  • CaesarxCornelia
  • BenxTwilight
  • Dexter (MLP OC)xFluttershy
  • BrianxPinkie
  • EricxRarity
  • Soarin'xRainbow
  • CaramelxApplejack
  • SpikexBarbara
  • ToughxFeathermay
  • PipsqueakxNyx
  • LorenzoxApple Bloom
  • CrashfirexWarring Malice
  • JakkxMatelda
  • MordoxSunset
  • SurfxLightning
  • CheesexCoco
  • BushwhackxCrystelle
  • Jimmy (Ape Escape)xYumi
  • SpikexHelga
  • JakexNatalie
  • Jimmy (Bully)xZoe (Bully)
  • DamashixAleena
  • MarioxPeach
  • LuigixDaisy
  • YoshixBirdo
  • BowserxElphaba
  • Bowser Jr.xRanamon
  • GoombarioxGoombella
  • KirbyxTiff
  • AshxMay
  • AshxDawn
  • AshxSerena
  • BrockxKathie
  • MaxxMolly
  • JessiexJames
  • KeithxMisty
  • DanxRuno
  • NarutoxMisaki
  • SasukexLeaf
  • IchigoxOrihime
  • MetaknightxRukia
  • KakashixYoruichi
  • JiraiyaxTsunade
  • RenjixAyane
  • ByakuyaxViola
  • SpyroxCynder
  • Yami YugixTéa
  • YugixRebecca
  • JoeyxMai
  • KaibaxKikyo
  • RagnaxSerenity
  • DukexSerenity
  • JadenxAlexis
  • Numbuh 1xNumbuh 362
  • Numbuh 4xNumbuh 3
  • Numbuh 2xBlair
  • Numbuh 2xNumbuh 5
  • DexterxBlossom
  • KenxEliza
  • TaixSora
  • MattxMisaki
  • T.K.xKari
  • KenxYolei
  • TakatoxJeri
  • RyoxRika
  • TakuyaxZoe
  • PhoenixxMaya
  • InuyashaxKagome
  • MirokuxSango
  • ShippoxNina
  • KohakuxRin
  • SesshomaruxKaname
  • KogaxAyame
  • YusukexKayko
  • KuwabaraxYukina
  • KuramaxRosé
  • HieixCarrie
  • EdwardxWinry
  • MustangxHawkeye
  • ConkerxBerri
  • MegamanxMarina
  • PikanxRoll
  • ZeroxCiel
  • ZeroxIris
  • PitxBrenna
  • TrentxGwen
  • DuncanxCourtney
  • GeoffxBridgette
  • TylerxLindsay
  • HaroldxLeShawna
  • CodyxSierra
  • DerekxAngie
  • PhoenixxMaya
  • BatxRegina
  • MartyxJennifer
  • DocxClara
  • TakujixMadoka
  • CielxHomura
  • AkashixSayaka
  • MinamixKyoko
  • SoujixMami
  • KyousukexHitomi
  • NeroxRyuko
  • T-ShirtxStocking
  • DantoxTwilighta
  • KeyxTimidshy
  • SockxPinkilo
  • SonikaixRainbow Spunk
  • PunchorxApple
  • BriefxRaregem
  • YugatemxRosetta
  • RobotnikxEckhart
  • ChrotoxOliga
  • NazoxRubia
  • SwiftyxGustina
  • ScourgexFiona
  • ScourgexTammy
  • PatchxBaronessa
  • Van KleissxRagyo
  • ShinjiroxNui
  • YamagemaruxRyuki
  • ZernobogxRosy
  • SephirathxPanty
  • Metal TailsxMetal Cosmo
  • TurmoilxChrysalis
  • SombraxDahlia
  • GarblexKelda
  • DiablorxMistress 9
  • WartxPrincess Shroob
  • AntasmaxCackletta
  • NarakuxHolli Would
  • CassidyxButch
  • HydronxKairos
  • AlejandroxMylene
  • JustinxBlaineley

(More to Come)


There would be a soundtrack based on the series. It would include some songs from old games and the Sonic X series along with a couple songs from Sonic Underground, but also, there would be new songs made for this series. The songs are shown in this list (Currently shown, but not determined which episode goes where):

  • Reach for the Stars
  • Live and Learn - Battle song
  • What I'm Made Of - Battle song
  • Free - Battle song
  • His World - Battle song
  • I Am... All of Me - Battle song
  • Yume no Tsubasa wo "Wings of Dreams" (by Akira Kushida from Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan) - Battle song
  • A Freak Like Me Needs Company - performed by Chroto Robotnik with Oliga, Swifty, Gustina, Tye, Grim, Tailuxia, Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts, Sleet, Dingo, Serpentine and Team Snagem
  • At the Gala - performed by the Sonic Heroes, Team Lilac and the Ponies
  • We Can - Team Sonic's theme
  • Follow Me - Team Rose's theme
  • This Machine - Team Dark's theme
  • Team Chaotix - Team Chaotix's theme
  • Me and My Girls (by Fifth Harmony) - Team Lilac's theme
  • Bye Bye Bye (by N*Sync) - Team Mistral's theme
  • It Doesn't Matter (Sonic Adventure 2 version) - Sonic's theme
  • Believe in Myself (Sonic Adventure 2 version) - Tails' theme
  • Unknown from M.E. (Sonic Adventure version) - Knuckles' theme
  • My Sweet Passion - Amy Rose's theme
  • What I've Done (by Linkin Park) - Shadow's theme
  • I Can't Wait (by Hilary Duff) - Cream's theme
  • Beating Heart (by Ellie Goulding) - Cosmo's theme
  • Bad Romance (by Lady Gaga) - Rouge's theme
  • Lazy Days (Livin' in Paradise) - Big's theme
  • Titanium (by David Guetta ft. Sia) - Shade's theme
  • I'm Stronger (by Britney Spears) - Meryl's theme
  • Crash (by Mephisto Odyssey) - Batula's theme
  • Gangsta's Paradise (by Coolio) - Nitro's theme
  • Lights (by Ellie Goulding) - Elise the Hedgehog's theme
  • Stronger (by Kanye West) - Sparks' theme
  • Don't Fail Me Now (by Melanie Amaro) - Julie-Su's theme
  • Real Emotion (English version) - Nightshade's theme
  • We Found Love (by Rihanna) - Sally's theme
  • She Bop (by Cyndi Lauper) - Bunnie's theme
  • 50 Ways to Say Goodbye (by Train)- Antoine's theme
  • Remember When (by Chris Wallace) - Rotor's theme
  • Roar (by Katy Perry) - Faye Fox's theme
  • Whatcha Gonna Do? (by Nobody's Angel) - Ayla's theme
  • Glorious Domination (by CFO$) - Damashi's theme
  • It Was You (by Ashley Ballard) - Honey's theme
  • We R Who We Are (by Ke$ha) - Lupe's theme
  • Sky High (Dance Remix) (by Jigsaw) - Reils' theme
  • Night of Fire (by DJ Niko) - Farooq's theme
  • E.G.G.M.A.N. - Eggman's theme
  • Poker Face (by Lady Gaga) - Breezie's theme
  • When It's Over (by Sugar Ray) - Barsik's theme
  • Wannabe (by Spice Girls) - Hailey Rose's theme
  • Say You'll Be There (by Spice Girls) - Wynetta's theme
  • Touch (by Little Mix) - Peachy's theme
  • Miss Movin' On (by Fifth Harmony) - Highsock's theme
  • Perfect Day (by Hoku) - Lilac's theme
  • Shake it Off (by Taylor Swift) - Carol's theme
  • Firework (by Katy Perry) - Milla's theme
  • Alone (by Heart) - Neera's theme
  • I'll Be the One (by Backstreet Boys) - Mistral's theme
  • Tearin' Up My Heart (by N*Sync) - Spiky's theme
  • I Want You Back (by N*Sync) - Milo's theme
  • Rock and Roll All Nite (by KISS) - Baelfire's theme
  • One Last Time (by Ariana Grande) - Felicity's theme
  • Felidae (by Boy George) - Florin's theme
  • Just Dance (by Lady Gaga) - Eva Marie's theme
  • Life Ain't Easy (by Cleopatra) - Lux's theme
  • Cut To The Feeling (by Carly Rae Jepsen) - Lacey's theme
  • Hard Times (by Jimmy Hart and J.J. Maguire) - Beowulf's theme
  • Trouble (by Shampoo) - Team Larvena's theme
  • I Need Your Love (by Ellie Goulding ft. Calvin Harris) - Larvena's theme
  • Force of Greatness (Nia Jax's theme) - Camina's theme
  • Break Free (by Ariana Grande) - Malena's theme
  • I'm With You (by Avril Lavigne) - Marcella's theme
  • Feel Invincible (by Skillet) - Argon's theme
  • Spinnin' Around (by Jump 5) - performed by the Sonic Heroes, Team Mario, the Ponies, the Powerpuff Girls, the Kids Next Door and Ash & friends
  • Bump in the Night (by All-stars) - performed by Shadow Playback (consisting of Shadow, Shania, Madow and Rocket)
  • Cutie Mark Crusaders
  • Highway to the Danger Zone (by Kenny Loggins) - Battle song
  • The Private Pain Of Techno Destructo (by GWAR) - performed by Techno Destructo
  • Everybody Sunshine (by David Hasselhoff)
  • Don't Walk Away - performed by Sonic Underground in a romantic musical sequence centered around Sonic and Elise the Hedgehog
  • Dare to Be Stupid (by "Weird Al" Yankovic) - Egg Swat Team's theme (team consisting of Eggward, Breezie, Bikebot, Clux, Drillmeister, Grapenut, E-10000R, E-10000G, E-10000B, Wallace A. Ditso, Torch, O-Zone, Peeper, Chef Wolfgang Puke and the Hard-Boiled Heavies)
  • Save the Earth (Godzilla vs Hedorah) - performed by Shadow Playback
  • Instruments of Destruction (by NRG) - Eggman 2.0's theme
  • Race to Win
  • Open Your Heart - Battle song
  • Super Sonic Racing
  • Streets of Gold - performed by Lux
  • Bella Notte - Sonic and Amy's romantic dinner song at Disneyland
  • Remember - performed by Ember Maccain
  • Have You Ever (by Brandy) - performed by Lux
  • What Are We Waiting For - performed by Sonic Underground
  • Thank You for Being You - performed by Amy and Sally
  • Friend in You
  • Big and Loud - performed by Diamond Tiara
  • Big and Loud (reprise) - performed by Fuchsia Lace
  • Tell Me Lies - performed by Lux
  • Harmony - performed by Sonic Underground and the rest of the Sonic Heroes
  • Dancing Queen (by A*Teens)
  • Niji Iro Crystal Sky (by Kentaro Hayami from Choriki Sentai Ohranger) - Battle song
  • Body Feels Exit (by Amuro Namie) - Battle song
  • Whatever You Imagine
  • Fabulous - performed by Faye Fox and Ben Muttson
  • When You Love (by Sinead O'Connor)
  • Banana Heartbreak - performed by Monkey Pink
  • Escape The Ape That's In You - performed by Monkey Pink
  • Let Me Be Your Wings - performed by Sonic and Amy
  • Run Around - Battle song, performed by the Elite Beat Agents
  • Real in Rio
  • New Divide (by Linkin Park) - performed by Knife of Day (Matt's new band)
  • Learn To Overcome - performed by Sonic Underground
  • If I Never Knew You - performed by Batula and Rouge
  • Love is an Open Door - performed by Manic and Mina
  • Everyday Fun - performed by the Zenokon Strikers
  • Solar Miracle, Make Up! - performed by the Sailor Scouts, Team Lilac and the Ponies
  • Raining Sunshine - performed by Team Rose, Team Lilac, Sonia, Mina, Laura, Helen, May, Dawn, Serena, Bonnie, Roll and the Powerpuff Girls
  • There He Is Again (by Hues Corporation) - performed by Shadow Playback
  • Power of Love - Battle song
  • United We Stand - performed by the Sonic Heroes and their friends
  • Zernobog Nightmare Band (to the tune of Riverbottom Nightmare Band) - performed by Zernobog Nightmare
  • We're the Sonic Underground (Rock Version) - performed by Sonic Underground
  • A Stroke Of Genie-us (by Christina Aguilera & The Strokes) - performed by Amy Rose feat. Sonic Underground
  • The Magic Inside - performed by Rara
  • Thriller - performed by Sweetie Belle and Tito Derek
  • Try Everything - performed by Mina
  • No Matter Where You Are (Book of Life) - performed by Knuckles and Julie-Su
  • Up Where We Belong (by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes) - performed by Rocket and Shania
  • Dreams to Dream (by Linda Ronstadt) - performed by Nightshade
  • To Love You More (by Celine Dion) - performed by Breezie
  • Bowler Hat and Golden Tooth - performed by Clux and Drillmeister
  • I've Found My Home - performed by Sonic Underground
  • Not Always What They Seem - performed by Sonic Underground; Battle song
  • Carry On (by Jennifer Cihi) - Battle song
  • Lay Down Your Arms (by Asia) - Battle song
  • Show Me The Light - performed by Sonic and Amy
  • Love Will Find a Way - performed by Sonic and Sally
  • Just Kids (by Alex & Sierra) - performed by Sonic and Highsock
  • I See the Light - performed by Sonic and Peachy
  • At The Beginning - performed by Sonic and Elise the Hedgehog
  • Jumpin' Jack Flash ("EBA" chant included) - Final Battle song
  • Seasons of Love - performed by the Sonic Heroes (including Laura, Kana, Marita, the Ham-Hams, the main Bully gang, Juliet, William, Helen and Marty), Team Lilac, Team Ristar, Team Mario, Team Kirby, Team Pac-Man, Team Banjo-Kazooie, Team Conker, Yooka-Laylee, the Ponies, the Wright Anything Agency, Ash & friends, the Rock Force (including Marina, Rokko-Chan and Spartaman), the Kids Next Door, the Powerpuff Girls and Team Klonoa
  • One Day More - performed by all the heroes and villains
  • In the Dark of the Night - performed by Freddy Kruger and a bunch of horror movie monsters
  • It's On (from Camp Rock 2) - performed by the Sonic Heroes, Team Lilac, Team Mario, Pac-Man & friends, the Rock Force, the Ponies, Dexter, the Powerpuff Girls, the Kids Next Door, Ash & friends, Team Naruto, Misaki & friends, the Straw Hat Pirates, Team Ichigo, Team Fairy Tail, Mickey & friends (including Oswald, Fanny, Ortensia, Lilo, Stitch, Angel, Phineas, Ferb, Perry and Isabella) the Wright Anything Agency, Team Zatch, the Bakugan Brawlers, Ben 10, Julie, Gwen, Kevin, Rook, Rex Salazar, Circe, Bladebreakers, Gangan Galaxy, Neo Gangan Galaxy, Team Estrella, Cooper Gang, Ty, Shazza, Sly, Naomi, Team Jak, Ratchet, Clank, Danny, Sam, Tucker, June, Ray-Ray, Monroe, Jody, Dennis, Jenny Wakeman, Brad, Tuck, Sheldon, Ulala, the GG's Nick, Juliet, Dante, Kat, Team Inuyasha, Edward, Alphonse, Winry, Po, the Furious Five, Banjo-Kazooie, Yooka-Laylee, Edna, Harvey and the Ape Escape gang.
  • The Greatest Love of All (by Whitney Houston) - performed by Nightshade
  • Just Another Night (by Sweet Suspense) - performed by Team Lilac in Sonic GT Christmas Blast
  • Last Christmas (by Billie Piper) - performed by Amy Rose in Sonic GT Christmas Blast
  • Under My Tree (by N*SYNC) - performed by the Bronze Knights (Seiya, Hyoga, Shiryu, Shun and Ikki) in Sonic GT Christmas Blast
  • All I Want For Christmas is You (by Mariah Carey) - performed by Amy Rose and Sonic in Sonic GT Christmas Blast

(More coming soon)


Here now are the differences between the original and the SatAM version and what changes it has.

Sonic Boom

  • Elements from Sonic Boom (e.g. a couple characters, locations, subplots, power rings) were added into the series.
  • Only Shadow and Amy Rose's outfits/designs from the series are used majorly for the remainder of the series.
  • Sonic, Tails and Knuckles' designs remain the same from the modern Sonic games and cartoons, but Sonic's Knuckles' Sonic Boom designs would instead be used for new characters as Sonix the Hedgehog and Knuckles' older brother, Delgos.
  • Sticks will be best friends with not only Amy, but Cream, Cheese and Cosmo, too, along with Team Lilac.
  • Neither Knuckles nor Delgos will be stupid.
  • Amy will not be obsessed with her hammer too much.
  • Sticks will not be paranoid or stupid at all.

Sonic Underground

  • Elements from SatAM (e.g. a couple characters, locations, subplots, power rings) were added into the series.
  • Sonia's character was toughened up a bit and Manic has a darker edge to his personality.
  • There would be music videos for some episodes, but not all of them.
  • Sonic GT would have a timeline that is compromised from the Sonic Underground show, as Ashura was born a year before Sonic, Sonia, Manic and Meryl.
  • The Sonic GT version of "Flying Fortress" won't be a three-parter episode.


  • At least a couple of elements from the series are placed in here.
  • Despite having their personalities toughened up a bit, Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts are still a source of comedy relief.
  • "Stoned Out" is the Sonic GT version of "Tails in Charge".

Sonic SatAM/Archie

  • Elements from Underground (e.g. characters, locations, and subplots) were added into the series.
  • The main characters' back-stories are revealed to greater detail.
  • Antoine is less annoying and a tad bit braver.
  • Rotor is a bit more active in missions.
  • Snively's personality is a little more manipulative here.
  • Nicole gains an android body of a lynx in order to be more active.
  • Mina's speed and Mighty's strength were natural instead of given to them by Mammoth Mogul.
  • The only echidnas to survive in this version were Knuckles, the Dark Legion, Julie-Su, Lien-Da, and Enerjak.
  • Fiona's betrayal to the Freedom Fighters happened in a timeline that took place prior to Sonic X. Plus, she would have a twin sister who is on the good side, vowing vengeance on Fiona for betraying the heroes.
  • Mogul, like Ixis Naugus, was also involved in the Great War.
  • Mecha Sally will be a Mecha creation of Dr. Eggman and Dr. Robotnik, instead of being a roboticized version of Sally.
  • Lupe and her family will be spared of roboticization in this series.
  • Ixis Naugus will not manipulate his way to taking, from Elias, the position as King, but instead rule his own dimension.
  • In the Worlds Collide saga, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Silver, Blaze and Team Chaotix won't be taken and roboticized into Roboticized Masters. Instead, by suggestion of Chroto, Metal Tails, Metal Knuckles, Mecha Amy, Mecha Rouge, Metal Silver, Metal Blaze and Metal Team Chaotix will be upgraded and have the ability to transform into Tails Man, Knuckles Man, Rose Woman, Rouge Woman, Silver Man, Pyre Woman (due to a Megaman OC already having the name Blaze Woman), Espio Man, Crocogator Man (due to Vectorman already taken) and Charmy Man respectively while teaming up with Techno Destructo, Bozo Destructo and Shadow Android-X, the latter who gets upgraded after his defeat and also have the ability to transform to Umbra Man (Due to another Robot Master named Shadow Man).
    • Since Eggman reformed earlier in Sonic GT, he won't be teaming with Wily, and neither will his robots, including Orbot, Cubot and Metal Sonic. Instead, Dr. Eggman 2.0 will be working with Wily, and the two would secretly plot to turn on each other. Of course, after the saga, the villains would make up, put aside their differences and team with Dr. Julian Robotnik, Eckhart and Dr. Mad.
    • With Dr. Ivo Robotnik among the villains, his minions for the Worlds Collide saga would be Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts.
    • All of Ken Penders' characters won't be imprisoned by Thrash at all. That means Julie-Su, Saffron and some of the good guys will be with Sonic and the gang, while Geoffrey will hate Ixis Naugus with a passion.
    • In my fanfiction universe, Bass is an anti-hero and he reformed to become an ally to Megaman, so he won't work with Wily in the Sonic GT version of Worlds Collide. Instead, Wily will use Quint, Symbiote Girl and Breakman.
    • Snively won't be a prisoner, as he is working with the other villains since the beginning of Sonic GT.
    • The Suppression Squad is not disbanded in Sonic GT.
    • While Shadow refused to help Sonic and Megaman in the original, he willingly agreed to help, for Cream and Maria's sake.
    • The Original Light Robot Masters aren't the only cavalry in the Worlds Collide saga. So are the following who are not evil (or turned good) in the Sonic GT version: MM9 Robot Masters, Snake Man, Quick Man, Bubble Man, Crash Man, Top Man, Magnet Man, Dr. Cossack's Robot Masters, Star Man, Napalm Man, Crystal Man and the MM6 Robot Masters.
    • Ben "Mutt" Muttski is from a dying alternate dimension, permanently living with the Sonic Heroes and changing his last name to Muttson, due to Sonic having a pet dog named Muttski.
    • Nate Morgan will be resurrected as an Earth human.
  • In the Worlds Unite movie, Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Guile won't be the only Street Fighters helping the heroes.
    • Bison and Shadaloo will be teaming with Sigma.
    • The Suppression Squad will truce with the Sonic Heroes once again.

Sonic X

  • The places and zones are referenced in this series.
  • Bokkun, Bocoe, and Decoe each have a little more seriousness in this series.
  • The physical version of Eggman is used in this series.
  • Amy Rose will give up her stalker ways permanently when she and Sonic get together, along with Sally.
  • Shadow starts protecting Cream, because in this series, she greatly reminds him of Maria, and the two would sooner or later fall in love with each other. Of course, they knew about Cream's age, so Cream promised that she will only wait until she's old enough to marry Shadow. Until then, the two adopted three Lumas (red, blue and green respectively) and took care of them (like Shrek and Fiona having three ogrelets). In the Next Generation special of Sonic GT, Cream grew older and attractive, making it a bit more appropriate for her and Shadow's relationship.

Games Themselves

  • Elements from the video games (Sonic, NiGHTs, Freedom Planet, Ristar, Bully, Manhunt, MadWorld, Conker, Banjo-Kazooie, Yooka-Laylee, Spyro, Trauma Center, Ace Attorney, etc.) were added into the storylines.
  • A few characters from Conker and Banjo-Kazooie do not remain in their respective homes.
  • Characters from Conker besides Conker (Berri, Don, Rodent, Ze Professor, and even Batula) were given more screen time and personality during this and its sequel.
  • Even though Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) was really bad, Sonic GT's version of it is going to be a lot better than the game would've been.
  • Knuckles will be as hotheaded as he was in the games, but not stupid.

Differences between certain games

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

  • The Iblis Trigger is no longer Elise's crying (That was a stupid idea!). Instead, it would be Oliga's betrayal to the family by destroying the dark crystal that Iblis would be contained in.
  • Amy Rose turned invisible because of an experimental watch given to her by Chris Thorndyke.

Sonic Riders

  • Shadow, Cream, Rouge and some of the other Sonic Heroes will participate as well, along with Rainbow Dash.
  • Instead of Jet winning the tournament, it'll be Rainbow Dash at the very last second just after Sonic was blown out of the race near the end.

Sonic and the Black Knight

  • Sonic won't go to Camelot alone, for Sally, Antoine, Bunnie and Rotor will go with him, for old times' sake.
  • After the Camelot saga, Caliburn will permanently join Sonic as his sword, chosen and given by King Damashi and Queen Aleena.

Shadow the Hedgehog

  • Shadow won't work with Black Doom or Eggman at all. Instead, he'll be helping the Sonic Heroes.
  • Shadow won't be alone in the final battle with Black Doom.

Sonic Unleashed/Sonic and the Secret Rings

  • Shahra and Chip make their debut together.
  • More of Sonic's friends will be involved with this saga, knowing about Sonic's Werehog form.
  • After the saga, Chip permanently changes to a new and epic form while having a slightly mature personality for the rest of the series.
  • Instead of being teleported to an Arabian Knight-based world, there would be an Arabian Knight-based festival planned by Mimi.
  • The adventures from the game will be in a play with Tails and Knuckles portraying Ali Baba and Sinbad respectively.
    • Just like the MLP episode Hearth's Warming Eve, the play will be as if it were a real adventure.
  • After Erazor Djinn's defeat, Shahra will pass off her ring and power to Cream.

Sonic Advance 3

  • Gemerl will be repaired and have the memories of Emerl before joining the good guys. At the same time, Emerl Mk II will be made by Avior Prower, who'll give him the same thing Gemerl has; the original Emerl's memories. As a result, Gemerl and Emerl Mk II will see, know and think of each other as brothers.

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

  • Shadow, Cream, Rouge and some of the other Sonic Heroes will also be in the main storyline.
  • Jet will sooner or later refer to Sonic as just Sonic instead of his full name.
  • The heroes won't think the Babylon Rogues are descendants of aliens (That idea is stupid, too!), on account of the Sonic Riders saga. However, three Sonic OCs known as the Zenokon Strikers will be descendants of aliens.

More coming soon...

Sonic Colors/Sonic Free Riders

  • All of Sonic's friends will join him on the adventure in Eggman's interstellar theme park.
  • Cosmo is the third member of Team Rose instead of Vector.
  • More teams will be able to participate in the Airboard tournament, like Team Ruby (Meryl, Ruby & Vinnie), Team Chaotix (Espio, Charmy & Vector) Team Ashura (Ashura, Avior & Wechnia), Team Dimension (Silver, Marine & Blaze), Team Luminous (Shine, Vixian & Dakaara), Team Grand (Mina, Rainboom & Mighty), Team Freedom (Sally, Chip & Gamma), Team Cyber (Shard, Nicole & Gemerl), Team Glory (Sonia, Saffron & Julie-Su), Team Hardcore (Manic, Bunnie & Fina), Team Fatale (Michelle, Melinda and Allison), Team Jaws (Jaws, Strawberry & Voltage), Team Z-Point (Mutt, Twilestia & Delgos), Team Cadmus (Sonica, Salomon & Adam) and Team Party (Pinken, Butterscotch & Mikeo).

More coming soon...

Sonic Generations

  • More of Sonic's friends, old and new, will be involved in this saga.
  • Classic Sonic will be able to talk.
  • Classic Knuckles, Classic Amy and Classic Sally are included.

Sonic Chronicles

  • After being beaten, Charyb and Scylla will later reform and join the Sonic Heroes as Gemerl and Emerl's brothers.
  • There will be no mentioning of Amy's imaginary boyfriend "Dexter".
  • When Barsik joins the heroes, the new Team Rose becomes a five-member team consisting of him, Amy, Cream, Cosmo and Big.

Sonic: Lost World

  • At the end of the Sonic GT adaption of "Sonic: Lost World", The Deadly Six will make their return after being defeated, becoming servants to Lord Turmoil.

Batman: Arkham City

  • Talia Al Ghul will be narrowly rescued from certain death by the Sonic Heroes who would rush her to the hospital, via Chaos Control.
  • After the Arkham City arc, Joker would be revived by a new Lazarus Pit, concocted by Eckhart (with her newfound powers by the use of ADAM and EVE).

Theme songs for Sonic GT

Opening themes (English)

  • Intro 1: "Fastest Thing Alive" (SatAM theme)
  • Intro 2: "Need for Speed" (concept theme of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's)
  • Intro 3: "Gotta Go Fast" (Sonic X)
  • Intro 4: "Bit By Bit" by Vic Mignogna (Dragon Ball GT)
  • Intro 5: "Hikari E" by Vic Mignogna (One Piece)
  • Intro 6: "His World" by Zebrahead (Sonic the Hedgehog 2006)
  • Intro 7: "Dragon Soul" by Sean Schemmel, Justin Cook, Vic Mignogna, Greg Ayers, Sonny Strait & Brina Palencia (Dragon Ball Z Kai)
  • Intro 8 and Final Episode Intro: "True Light" by Vic Mignogna (D*N*Angel)
  • Intro 9: "Sonic Heroes" by Crush 40 (Sonic Heroes)
  • Intro 10: "Across the Border" by Anna Gholsto and James C. Wilson (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)

Opening themes (Japanese)

  • Intro 1: "Kizuna" by Kra (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's)
  • Intro 2: "Ichirin no Hana" by High and Mighty Color (Bleach)
  • Intro 3: "Battle Frontier" by Akina Takaya (Pokémon)
  • Intro 4: "DAN DAN Kokoro Hikareteku" by Field of View (Dragon Ball GT)
  • Intro 5: "Jounetsu No Kaze" by Inazuma Sentai (TMNT)
  • Intro 6: "Cho! Saikyo! Warriors" By Psychic Lover (Bakugan New Vestroia)
  • Intro 7: "Dragon Soul" by Takayoshi Tanimoto & Takafumi Iwasaki (Dragon Ball Z Kai)
  • Intro 8 and Final Episode Intro: "Namikaze Satellite" by Snowkel (Naruto)
  • Intro 9: "Grip!" by Every Little Thing (Inuyasha)
  • Intro 10: "Across the Border" by Asami Abe (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)

Ending themes (English)

  • Ending 1: "Yeah! Break! Care! Break!" by Jerry Jewell (Dragon Ball Z Kai)
  • Ending 2: "Free Will" by Kristine Sa (One Piece)
  • Ending 3: "FISH" by Leak Clark (One Piece)
  • Ending 4: "Shining Ray" by Justin Houston (One Piece)
  • Ending 5: "GLORY" by Caitlin Glass (One Piece)
  • Ending 6: "I'll Give You Romance" by Daphne Gere (Dragon Ball)
  • Ending 7: "Unbalanced Kiss" by Jimi Tunnel (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  • Ending 8: "Kids in America" by Len (Digimon the Movie)
  • Ending 9: "Fastest Thing Alive" (SatAM ending theme)
  • Ending 10: "Every Heart" by BoA (Inuyasha)

Ending themes (Japanese)

  • Ending 1: "Yeah! Break! Care! Break!" by Tanimoto Takayoshi (Dragon Ball Z Kai)
  • Ending 2: "Itsumo Itsudemo (Always, Whenever)" by AiM (Digimon Adventure 02)
  • Ending 3: "FISH" by The Kaleidoscope (One Piece)
  • Ending 4: "Kesenai Tsumi (Indelible Sin)" by Nana Kitade (FullMetal Alchemist)
  • Ending 5: "Orange Hero" by jealkb (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Ending 6: "The Shining Road" by Aya Hiroshige (Sonic X)
  • Ending 7: "Unbalanced Kiss" by Hiro Takahashi (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  • Ending 8: "Uso (Lie)" by SID (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)
  • Ending 9: "Wake up your heart" by KENN with the NaB's (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)
  • Ending 10: "Every Heart" by BoA (Inuyasha)
  • FINAL Episode Ending: "DAN DAN Kokoro Hikareteku" by Field of View (Dragon Ball GT)


There will be ten arcs, or ten seasons, and seasons 1-2 and 5-7 will each have 40 episodes, while season 3 will have 42 episodes, and seasons 4, 8, 9 and 10 will have 46 episodes each, giving a grand total of exactly 426 episodes.

  • Arc 1: Sonic 2006 with a bit of Bully, Deadman Wonderland, Sonic Riders, Sonic and the Black Knight, Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow's Sister, and Ape Escape
  • Arc 2: Sonic Unleashed with a bit of Sonic and the Magic Rings, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Sonic Advance 3 (Emerl being rebuilt and upgraded into Gemerl) Sonic Rush Adventure (Marine's debut), Ape Escape and Jet Set Radio (The GG's debut)
  • Arc 3: Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity with bits of Sonic Underground and Ape Escape
  • Arc 4: Twilight Emeralds with a bit of Sonic Ristar, NiGHTs: Journey of Dreams and Ape Escape
  • Arc 5: Sonic Colors and Sonic Free Riders with Freedom Planet and a bit of Ape Escape and Super Mario Galaxy
  • Arc 6: Sonic Generations with a bit of Ape Escape
  • Arc 7: Arkham City with MadWorld, DMC: Devil May Cry, Manhunt, Lollipop Chainsaw, Harley Quinn's Revenge, Twisted Metal, Bioshock and a bit of Ape Escape
  • Arc 8: Shadow-Android X with Worlds Collide and a bit of Sonic Chronicles
  • Arc 9: Return of the Metarex
  • Arc 10: Final

Season 1

  • A New Beginning
  • The Dragon Pearls and the World Merger
  • Return of a Seedrian
  • Chaos on Angel Island
  • Terror in a Haunted Castle
  • A New Chaotix Arrival
  • A New Threat
  • Sally's Big Date
  • Conflict and Forgiveness
  • Dark Omen
  • Equestria and the Great Forest
  • Keeping Our Friends Close
  • The Scarred Alchemist
  • Fox Fatales
  • A Magical Plot
  • Sonic vs. the Black Knight
  • The Babylon Rogues
  • The Freaky Monkey Five
  • The New Team Rose
  • Welcome to the Future
  • A Coconutty Story
  • Black Attack
  • The Son of Sparda
  • Shadow's Hard Decision
  • Visitors from the Mushroom Kingdom
  • Cosmo's Lost Siblings
  • Royal Family Reunion
  • Sonic's Double Date
  • Dark Emperor
  • Sonic's Challenge
  • Eclipsing Hellhog
  • A Sister's Bravery
  • Mimi's Big Pinkie Pie Surprise
  • Lonely No More
  • The Mysterious Ashura the Hedgehog
  • Sonic vs. Monkey Blue
  • Battle with Specter
  • Ganta's Fury and Naruto's Determination
  • Behold, Mephiles Doom!
  • The Critical Final Battle

Season 2

  • Man of the Year
  • Turnabout of the Year
  • A Long Lost Prower
  • The Unleasher
  • Sub-Marine
  • Sonic vs. Rainbow Dash
  • Trouble with Chroto Thorndyke
  • Cream's Playtime
  • Eggman x2 = Trouble!
  • A Plan Presumed Forgotten
  • Nazo Lives Again
  • Hidden Bonding
  • Naraku Reborn!
  • Erazor Attack
  • Klonoa of the Wind
  • He Who Walks Behind the Rows
  • A Racing Rivalry
  • Super Sonic Rainboom
  • The Return of a Robot Friend
  • Specter Makes a Comeback
  • Goreless Peace Returns
  • Sonic vs. Sonic?
  • Between Brothers
  • Manic in Love and Music
  • Sonic Heroes in Candyland
  • Pinkie Pyro
  • Continental Distortion, part 1
  • Continental Distortion, part 2
  • Continental Distortion, part 3
  • Continental Distortion, part 4
  • Final Stand Against Dark Gaia
  • Chip Restored
  • Roll the Robot Girl
  • Changeling Attack on the Crystal Empire
  • Tails and the Kyuubi Power
  • A Day in the Water Park
  • The Joke's on Rokuro
  • Long Live the King, part 1
  • Long Live the King, part 2
  • Long Live the King, part 3
  • Long Live the King, part 4

Season 3

  • Hedgehogging Their Bets
  • The White Echidna
  • The Color Sonic
  • The Legend of El Gran Gordo
  • Conquest is Like a Box of Chocolates
  • Provident Testing
  • A New Freedom Fighter
  • 'Til Death Do Us Part, part 1
  • 'Til Death Do Us Part, part 2
  • Whatever It Takes
  • Red Dawn
  • Zero Gravity
  • Gearspio
  • Hello, Dolly
  • Sonic's Disneyland Adventure
  • The Disneyland Grand Gala
  • Holy Babylon!
  • Claws of the Birds
  • Jet's Monkey Business
  • Spread Your Wings, Mimi!
  • Big Top Terror
  • Bloodlines
  • Tails' Payback on Wave
  • The Captive Girls
  • The Artifact
  • Dunes Day
  • V.E.G.A. vs. S.O.N.I.C.X., part 1
  • V.E.G.A. vs. S.O.N.I.C.X., part 2
  • Oracle's Vision
  • Something Fishy
  • Haircraft in Space
  • The Pendant
  • Injurin' Joe Strikes Back
  • Babylon Colony
  • Make 'em Laugh
  • Time Out of Joint
  • Flying Fortress
  • Monkey Island Challenge
  • Eggman's Specter Problem
  • Uneasy Alliances
  • Sonex vs. Chubbuu
  • The Final Showdown on the Specter Station

Season 4

  • Beach Festival
  • The Princesses on Parade
  • Camp or Consequences
  • World Under Siege
  • Specter TV
  • Amy and Sally
  • Origin of the Twilight Emeralds
  • The Return of Mephiles and Nazo
  • Fight of Ice
  • Meet Ristar
  • The Return of Robotnik
  • A Rogue's Tale
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Mojovision
  • Reunion, part 1
  • Reunion, part 2
  • Send in the Sonic Clones, part 1
  • Send in the Sonic Clones, part 2
  • Send in the Sonic Clones, part 3
  • Team Snagem is Reborn!
  • Jolly Old Bellbridge
  • Sonic Scoop on Spider-Man
  • The Light of Team Luminous
  • Cream's Adventure
  • The Return of El Gran Gordo
  • Title Mismatch
  • Sonic Wreck-ognition
  • The Dark Blue Wolf
  • Big Trouble in Little Station Square, part 1
  • Big Trouble in Little Station Square, part 2
  • Calling for Caduceus USA
  • Pinkie Mania
  • I D'OH! Care
  • Enter Voltage the Pikachu
  • Friends of Humanity Strike Gotham
  • Heart of Ice
  • The Phalanx Covenant, part 1
  • The Phalanx Covenant, part 2
  • Return of the Undertakers
  • V.E.G.A. Picks a Side
  • Sally and Johnny
  • Joker's Wild
  • Jimmy's Feelings
  • Specter's Surprising Move Against Robotnik
  • The Twilight Emeralds' Power Revealed
  • The Birth of Twilight Sonic
  • The Freedom Fighters of the Future, part 1
  • The Freedom Fighters of the Future, part 2

Season 5

  • Meet the Wisps
  • Free Riders GT
  • A Wispy Ride
  • NES Terror
  • Luma Love
  • Egg Riders
  • Monkey Riders
  • E-10000B joins Team Dark
  • Sonic vs. Jet
  • Cream and the Wisps
  • Maria Reborn
  • Rosalina of the Stars, part 1
  • Rosalina of the Stars, part 2
  • Free Time on Our Hands
  • Wispy Rescue
  • The Final Races, part 1
  • The Final Races, part 2
  • The Final Races, part 3
  • The Final Races, part 4
  • Planet Wisp
  • Crashing the Eggman's Scheme
  • Rosalina's Gratitude
  • Blood Knife User
  • Fury of an Uchiha
  • Tamaki's Crushing Halt
  • Scar Insurgency, part 1
  • Scar Insurgency, part 2
  • Specter's New Ally
  • Ryujin's Monkey Trouble
  • The Great and Repentant Trixie
  • The Secret Scrolls
  • The Return of Merlina
  • Schoolhouse Rumble
  • Party Animals
  • Hero of the Year
  • Shanking Your Foot Down
  • Grand Throwdown
  • Bowser vs. Diablor
  • Eggman Betrays Robotnik
  • The Fate of the World

Season 6

  • The Sonic Heroes Meet the Z Fighters
  • Caesar's Havoc
  • Primate Paradise
  • The Mamodos Come Out and Play
  • Only a Matter of Time
  • Caesar vs. Specter
  • Sonic's Birthday Celebration
  • Generational Warp, part 1
  • Generational Warp, part 2
  • Generational Warp, part 3
  • Generational Warp, part 4
  • Out of the Past, Part 1
  • Out of the Past, Part 2
  • Courage
  • The Future Freedom Fighters Return, part 1
  • The Future Freedom Fighters Return, part 2
  • The Future Freedom Fighters Return, part 3
  • The Time Eater Battle
  • Rangers Together, Wild Samurai Forever! part 1
  • Rangers Together, Wild Samurai Forever! part 2
  • Koko's New Friend
  • The Wonderful Teacher
  • Forever Friends
  • Stoned Out
  • Dark Terror: Black Mephinazo
  • Reborn from the Moon: Ra Thor Moon
  • Brothers in Arms
  • The Wretched Red Sin
  • A New Frieza
  • The Battle with the Dark Forces

Season 7

  • Training with Goku
  • Black Doom's New Warriors
  • The DeathWatch Games
  • Werehog vs. Tiger
  • Turnabout Manhunt, part 1
  • Turnabout Manhunt, part 2
  • Turnabout Manhunt, part 3
  • Turnabout Manhunt, part 4
  • Welcome to Arkham City
  • The One Called Spawn
  • Titan Trouble
  • Twisted Metal Tournament, part 1
  • Twisted Metal Tournament, part 2
  • Twisted Metal Tournament, part 3
  • The King Has Returned
  • A New Starling is Born
  • Father vs. Son
  • Vergil's Downfall
  • Deadman Wonderland vs. Arkham City, part 1
  • Deadman Wonderland vs. Arkham City, part 2
  • Deadman Wonderland vs. Arkham City, part 3
  • Deadman Wonderland vs. Arkham City, part 4
  • Freezing Point
  • Criminals Helping Us?!
  • Magic Duel
  • Sweet Tooth's Revenge
  • Organic vs. Machine
  • Battle of Half-Sisters
  • Mega Assistance
  • Zero Tolerance
  • Joker and Harley Catch a Bat
  • The Breakout
  • Eggman the Godfather
  • Ingenious Attack
  • Hyper Sonic
  • Smashing the Joker's Jokes
  • Heeere's Big Daddy
  • Demise of the Corn
  • The Warship
  • Deadman Arkham Showdown

Season 8

  • Worlds Collide, part 1
  • Worlds Collide, part 2
  • Worlds Collide, part 3
  • Worlds Collide, part 4
  • Worlds Collide, part 5
  • Worlds Collide, part 6
  • Miku Sings
  • The Intergalactic World Tournament
  • The Tournament Begins
  • The Return of an Old Enemy
  • Funky Feud
  • Bare Knuckle Brawl
  • Shadow vs. Shiva
  • Vectorman Assault
  • The Prince of Hell
  • Clash of Two Rainbows
  • Shiro's Battle
  • Depths of Satisfaction
  • Senji and Ugachi Fight Again
  • Eggward Gets Snively Thrashed
  • Girl Fight Between Friends
  • Sonic and Blaze Face-Off
  • Brothers Fight Again
  • All-Star Throwdown
  • Enter Shadow-Android X
  • Clash in the Semi-Finals
  • Naruto and Ganta, Round 2
  • Love in Battle
  • Demon Slayer vs. Zombie Killer
  • Plumber vs. Ape
  • Mighty Machine
  • Elimination Before the Finals
  • Final Rounds, Fight!
  • Cute Battle
  • Deadman: Devil May Cry
  • Salvage Beneath
  • Megaman's Watching
  • Deadman Walking
  • The Final Fight
  • Ultra Sonic
  • A Nocturnus Invasion
  • Shade Unmasked
  • Shade Betrays Master Ix
  • Demon Tamaki and Another Ultra Sonic?!
  • Final Ultra Showdown

Season 9

  • Celebration Fit for a Tournament Champ
  • Dena's Visions
  • Tamaki's New Toys
  • Memories of Molly
  • Turbo Gone
  • Wedding of Bunnie and Antoine
  • Chris' Field Test
  • Gamma and Gemerl
  • Shard's Love for Nicole
  • The Big Concert
  • Brawl at the Beach
  • Freedom Fighters vs. Suppression Squad
  • Dark Tidings
  • Discovering the Truth
  • Cosmo's Family Rebirth
  • The Big Score
  • Take 'em Down Two at a Time
  • Into the Jungle
  • Cyber Naraku's Forces Rise
  • Metarex Hunting
  • Metal Force Attack on Nazo
  • A Worldwide Battle Royale
  • Cosmo's Garden
  • That's What Girls Do
  • Damashi's Training
  • The Showdown with the Friends of Humanity
  • Naugus Breaks a Mogul
  • Loyalty to the King
  • Undertakers Strike the Metarex
  • Sonic's Super Hyper Ultra Smackdown
  • Wrath of the Werehog
  • Omega Sonic
  • The Omega Power
  • Metarex Uprise
  • The Hunt Summit
  • Lucas' Plan
  • Damashi's Journey
  • Preparations for the Final Metarex War
  • Testing Time on the Suppression Squad
  • Omega Sonic vs. Dark Super Scourge
  • Naugus At Full Power
  • The Kingdom of Acorn vs. The Naugus Empire
  • Naugus' Defeat
  • Turning the Tide
  • Breaking the Metarex
  • Fearless Battle

Season 10

  • Peace After the Battle
  • The Fall of the Sonic Clones
  • Friends of Humanity Launch an Attack
  • Mammoth Mogul's Gamble
  • A Fun Day Out
  • Minia's Graceful Dance
  • Sticks and Stones
  • Two Steps Back and Four Steps Forward
  • Lost in the Moment
  • Suppression Ends
  • Water We Waiting For?
  • Kombat Dimension
  • Super Terrific
  • Zombies and Demons? Oh No!
  • Apocalypse Ponies Now
  • Deacon's Checkered Past
  • Nephew vs. Uncle
  • The Theory of Avarice
  • Tamaki's Last Jest
  • Assault on the Town
  • An Eye for an Eye
  • The End of Cyber Naraku
  • Sally and the Girls
  • Sonic and the Guys
  • The Big Date
  • Babylon Payback on Hurter
  • Fox and Plant Love
  • Foxes on a Date (episode centered around Avior and Fina; takes place during 'Fox and Plant Love')
  • The Destruction of Mecha Sonic
  • Mina's the Music in Manic
  • The Diclonius Queen
  • The Last of the Suppression
  • Sonex: The Final Nightmare
  • The Mammoth Mogul's Last Gamble
  • The Robotnik Empire Remains
  • Eggward vs. Chroto
  • Julia's Attack
  • Deathon's Demise
  • Defeating Nazo
  • Prelude to War
  • Robotnik Arises and Unbound
  • Omega Sonic Meets His Equal
  • Mission of the Heroes
  • The Critical Point
  • The Last Fight
  • Sonic Heroes Forever


There will also be movies of Sonic GT, twenty-two in total.

  • The Secret of the Magnificent Seven (Takes place between eps. 30-31, featuring Feudal Japan versions of Sonic, Amy, Tails, Cosmo, Shadow, Cream and Sally)
  • Sonic vs. Freddy vs. Jason (Takes place after season 1 and before season 2)
  • A Hero's Journey (Sonic GT version of DBGT: A Hero's Legacy, takes place between episodes 81-82)
  • Sonic Surfers (Takes place after season 2 and before season 3)
  • Tai Lung, The Legendary Conqueror (Takes place after Sonic Unleashed arc)
  • The Return of Tai Lung (Takes place between eps. 115-116)
  • The Cyber Zone (takes place between eps. 139-140)
  • Sonic GT: Worlds Unite (Takes place before season 9)
  • Shadows of the Future (takes place before the Season 4 finale; explains how the Future Freedom Fighters of the Emperor Shadow future came to be; based on Injustice: Gods Among Us and Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow)
  • Rise of Nightmares (Takes place after season 4 and before season 5)
  • Sonic GT: Lost World (Takes place after season 5 and before season 6)
  • Secrets of the Royal Family (after season 6 and before 7; loosely based on He-Man and She-Ra: Secret of the Sword)
  • Ultimate Clash Between Heaven and Hell (non-canonical in the Sonic GT storyline)
  • Broly and Cell, Back with a Vengeance (non-canonical in the Sonic GT storyline)
  • King Damashi, Father of Sonic (prequel to Sonic X and Sonic GT)
  • The History of Sonic (Takes place right after King Damashi, Father of Sonic and before Sonic X and Sonic GT)
  • Galaxina and the Mystery of the White Dragons (non-canonical in the Sonic GT storyline)
  • The Lost Oracle (non-canonical in the Sonic GT storyline)
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us (Takes place before season 10)
  • The Next Generation (Takes place after the end of Sonic GT)
  • Sonic GT: Age of Ultron (based on Avengers: Age of Ultron)
  • Battle of Gods (Based on the Dragon Ball Z movie of the same name)
  • Resurrection of Brevon (Based on DBZ's Resurrection of 'F')
  • Ultimate Devastation (based on MK Annihilation, MK 2011 and MKX; takes place after Resurrection of Brevon)


  • Sonic GT the Musical: Live in Sydney
  • Mayhem of Notus the Music Meister
  • Sonic Heroes Meet the Boo Brothers
  • Sonic Heroes Return!
  • Sonic Heroes & X-Men (based on X-Men Legends with the Night of the Sentinels saga, Slave Island, the Unstoppable Juggernaut, Come the Apocalypse and the Days of Future Past saga, all from the 90's animated series)
  • Sonic Heroes Meet the Runaways
  • Sonic Heroes & X-Men 2: Rise of Apocalypse (based on X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse)
  • The Hedgehog Project: Five Nights at Freddy's
  • A Sonic GT Christmas Blast
  • Sonic Marvel Universe
  • Sonic and the Secret of Evermore
  • Mortal Kombat: Devastation
  • Batula vs. Blacula


  • This is one of the few series where Banjo and Kazooie speak. The others being Sonic Underground RemakeSonic SatAM Remake and its sequel, Sonic X Remake.
  • This is also one of the few series whee Yooka and Laylee speak.
  • The title of this series is a play and homage to Dragon Ball GT, the underrated final part of the Dragon Ball series.
  • This is one of the few crossovers with Sonic, Banjo-Kazooie, and Conker. The others being Sonic X Remake, Sonic and the Head Vampire, and recently Sonic RARE.
  • Eggman 2.0's debut dialogue would be almost exactly like what Eggman said in Sonic Archie comic issue #75.
  • Cream and Shadow would have romantic interests in each other, but as soon as they reveal their true feelings to each other, they and the rest of the heroes agreed to wait until Cream grew up so she could get with Shadow. Until then, the two adopted three Lumas (red, blue and green respectively) and took care of them (like Shrek and Fiona having three ogrelets). Cream will grow into an older age prior to the next generation special.
  • The Intergalactic World Tournament is a way of showing some of the characters who did not make it as DLC in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing: Transformed. They are the following, making their debut in Sonic GT: Axel Stone, Blaze Fielding, Prince Ash and Arle Nadja.
    • Other Streets of Rage characters who will enter the tournament are the following: Adam Hunter, Eddie "Skate" Hunter, Max Thunder, Dr. Zan Gilbert, Roo, Leon Shiva, Barbon, Elle, Abadede, Kagami "Rudra" Shiva, Zamza and Break.
    • In addition, the three Mobian Yoshis will be participating in the fight as well, along with Team Lilac, Spade, Selma and more.
  • The first thirteen episodes of Sonic GT are based on Hurricane360's cancelled sprite flash series: Sonic GX, with some changes. Dedicated to Hurricane360.
  • A few more episodes of Sonic GT are based on the Sonic X comic series (Issues #23, #25, #26, #27, #31, #32, #38 and #39).
  • Another episode, with Dr. Julian Robotnik's debut, is based on Sonic Archie comic issue #108, but with a shocking twist.
  • The Worlds Collide saga will be based on the Sonic & Megaman crossover comic saga of the same name.
  • The "'Til Death Do Us Part" two-parter and "Beauty and the Beast" are based on the episodes of the same name from the X-Men animated series, but with some changes. Also, a few other episodes will be based on certain X-Men episodes, like "Reunion", "Time Fugitives", "Red Dawn", "Whatever It Takes", "Rogue's Tale", "Mojovision", "Slave Island", "Out of the Past", "Courage", "Cold Comfort", "One Man's Worth", "Nightcrawler" and "X-Ternally Yours".
    • Also, "Sonic Scoop on Spider-Man" is based on the super-awesome ride from Universal Studios, the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man.
    • And Sonic Marvel Universe is based on the Marvel Universe Live epic stunt show, only that Carol Danvers is still Ms. Marvel, whilst a new female- a clone of Carol named Jane Danvers- is the new Captain Marvel, and all the X-Men would be involved instead of just Cyclops, Storm and Wolverine. As for Black Cat, she won't be a villain at all. And finally, all the Avengers will be involved in this.
  • Rosé from Fullmetal Alchemist will have dark skin instead of white, making it more preferable for her.
  • Between Brothers will be based on Dante and Vergil's final battle in DMC: Devil May Cry.
  • So far, this is the only Sonic series that ever gets an M rating (in certain episodes and movies).
  • Penelope will return to the Cooper Gang, permanently.
  • Karolina Dean of the Runaways will be bisexual, meaning she will love both Xavin and a male extraterrestrial.
  • The Sailor Animamates used here will consist of Sailor Iron Mouse, Sailor Titanium Mermaid, Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion.
  • The Hedgehog Project: Five Nights at Freddy's is a Halloween special that is based on the Blair Witch Project, only that none of the heroes will be killed off. Only some random people would be killed by those haunted animatronics.
  • A Sonic GT Christmas Blast will have five Christmas stories: "Belles on Ice", "The Nutcracker Hedgehog", "Have Yourself a Morlock Little X-Mas", "Cream and the Velveteen Rabbit" and "Sonic Extreme X-Mas".
  • Sonic GT takes place after my Freedom Planet fic series.
  • References of Glitcher's Sonic Retold series will be made and used as dedication to him.
  • (Still in Development. More to Come.)