Sonic GT musical

Sonic GT the Musical: Live in Sydney is a musical special made for Sonic GT developed by Capcom, Sega, Namco, Nintendo and Lauren Faust. It takes place after Sonic & Rainbow Dash: Defenders of the Core and features the same main heroes and villains from it, except for Eggman, who was replaced by Dr. Julian Robotnik. Just like Sonic & Rainbow Dash, the musical is a crossover featuring characters from the MLP: FiM series and the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Most of the music and sound effects used in the show were taken from Masato Nakamura's score on Sonic the Hedgehog 2, with many unique musical numbers, including three written by Phillip Einfeld and Mark Rosenberg; Sonic's "What Are We Waiting For", Dr. Robotnik's "Give Me Chaos", and "Thank You For Being You", sung by Amy Rose and Sally Acorn.


Main Good Guys

Main Villains


Main Good Guys

Sonic: Johnny Yong Bosch
Rainbow Dash: Ashleigh Ball
Tails: Kate Higgins (Singing voice: Elizabeth Daily)
Knuckles: Steven Jay Blum (Singing voice: Matt Olmstead)
Amy Rose: Lisa Ortiz (Singing voice: Shannon Chan-Kent)
Cream: Jessica Boone (Singing voice: Michelle Creber)
Cosmo: Andrea Libman
Shadow: Jason Griffith (Singing voice: Ryan Ward)
Rouge: Megan Fahlenbock
Sally: Kath Soucie (Singing voice: Britt McKillip)
Blaze: Laura Bailey
Silver: Andrew Francis
Antoine: Rob Paulsen
Bunnie: Christine Cavanaugh (Singing voice: Ashleigh Ball)
Sonia: Louise Ridgeway
Manic: Greg Cipes
Mina: Ashley Johnson
Jet: Vic Mignogna
Roll: Monica Rial
Mickey: Bret Iwan

Main Villains

Dr. Julian Robotnik: Jim Cummings
Dietlinde Eckhart: Kelly Manison (Singing voice: Idina Menzel)
Doji: Andrew Jackson (Singing voice: Darren Dunstan)
Chroto Robotnik: Sean Schemmel (Singing voice: Andrew Rannells)
Oliga: Kathleen Barr (Singing voice: Lauren Kling)
Kelda: Cindy Robinson
Scratch: Phil Hayes
Grounder: Gary Chalk
Coconuts: Ian James Corlett
Snively: Charlie Adler
Sleet: Maurice LaMarche
Dingo: Peter Wilds
Dragon Breath: Phil Hayes
Sir F-Fuzzy Logik: Eric Stuart
Skweel: Gary Chalk
Dynamight: Scott McNeil
Sir Cogs-a-Lot: Kevin Thoms


  • Opening Song: Dragon Soul - performed by Vic Mignogna, Johnny Yong Bosch and Ashleigh Ball
  • What Are We Waiting For? - performed by Sonic Underground with Amy, Rainbow Dash and Shadow
  • Friends to the End - performed by Amy, Sally, Sonic and Rainbow Dash
  • Where the Wind Blows - performed by Roll
  • Give Me Chaos - performed by Robotnik
  • It Will All Be Ours - performed by Robotnik, Eckhart, Doji, Chroto and Oliga
  • We're the Best at Being the Worst - performed by Chroto, Oliga, Snively, Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts, Sleet and Dingo
  • Look Who's Back Again (Sonic version of Evil Dead the Musical's "Look Who's Evil Now") - performed by Kelda
  • What the Heck Was That? (Sonic version of Evil Dead the Musical's "What the F**k Was That?") - Performed by Sonic, Rainbow Dash, Sally, Shadow, Cream, Rouge and Knuckles
  • I Got a Secret - performed by Sally, Amy, Rainbow Dash and Sonic
  • Don't Make Me Laugh - performed by Kelda
  • You Just Can't Win - performed by Kelda, Doji, Robotnik, Eckhart, Sonic and Rainbow Dash
  • Thank You For Being You - performed by Amy and Sally
  • The Plagues of War (We Will Settle This; to the tune of Let My People Go) - performed by Rainbow Dash and Kelda
  • A Filthy Finale - performed by the Sonic Heroes and the Villains
  • You and Me and Everyone (to the tune of You and Me and Pokémon) - performed by the Sonic Heroes, Roll, Mickey and all their friends



The story begins with the opening narrator, Asuna Kagurazaka, announcing the arrival of Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends. Tails was piloting the X-Tornado with his friends in tow. Suddenly, the engine sputters, forcing the group to jump out before it crashes. After a rough parachute landing, the Sonic Heroes (minus Sonic), Roll and Mickey Mouse figure out that they are in Australia. Sonic then appears, explaining that he was making a "Supersonic Surveillance of the Surrounds", and then explains the reason for being in Australia: after defeating Dr. Eggman and Kelda for the Earth's core, Dr. Robotnik and Kelda fled with the Chaos Emeralds and set up Robotnik's laboratory somewhere in Sydney, with the intent of controlling all of Australia. Sonic and friends begin their search for Robotnik (What Are We Waiting For?).

Before the group splits up for searching, Rainbow Dash complains that she is partnered with Sonic, while Amy is partnered with Sally. Amy and Sally then reveal to Rainbow that the reason why is because they're being good friends, just like her and Sonic (Friends to the End). After that, the group splits up in search for Robotnik and Eckhart.

The next scene features Robotnik, Eckhart and Doji, who brag to the audience about their new base, which they built on top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, much to the annoyance of Chroto, Oliga and a mysterious figure. Robotnik calls Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts, Sleet, Dingo and Snively to set up his Super Laser Telescope, which will enable him, Eckhart and Doji to be on the lookout for Sonic. After asking the audience to keep the location of their base a secret, the scene ends, switching back to Sonic and his friends.

The Sonic Heroes, Roll and Mickey are still searching for the villains, but Sydney is such a large city that they haven't found any clues to their whereabouts. As they took a break, Roll suddenly thinks about her love, Pikan Suzuhara, and decides to sing something to hope she sees him again (Where the Wind Blows). After Roll finishes singing, Rainbow Dash contemplates on whether Kelda survived her defeat or not and that she'll always knock her down whenever she attacks.

In the next scene, Robotnik, Eckhart and Doji reveal their plot: He'll use either Sally or Amy, or both, as bait to catch Sonic (Give Me Chaos). They, along with Chroto and Oliga, even revealed another part of the plan, which involves Mecha Sonic, Mecha Rainbow Dash and Mecha Sally and World Domination (It Will All Be Ours).

To capture Amy and Sally, Chroto creates a fake Chaos Emerald and lays it in plain sight while he, Oliga, Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts, Sleet, Dingo and Snively hide in wait (We're the Best at Being the Worst). When Amy and Sally approach, they find the fake emerald. Sally then stopped Amy from falling into the deception. Chroto and the others danced like mad while the other Sonic Heroes, Roll and Mickey met up with Amy and Sally. Then the mysterious figure appears from out of nowhere, vowing to stop the heroes from ruining Robotnik's plan. Knuckles demanded to know who the figure is, to which it revealed itself to be none other than, to the shock of Sonic and friends, Rainbow Dash's enemy, Kelda the Griffon, who the team defeated in Sonic & Rainbow Dash: Defenders of the Core (Look Who's Back Again)! The rest of the villains appear and they and Kelda kidnap Amy and take her back to Robotnik's base.

After Amy gets kidnapped, the group then sing in confusion, anger and surprise of what's been going on (What the Heck Was That?). They can't find any evidence of Robotnik, so they ask for some help from the audience. After the audience points out that Chroto accidentally left the blueprints for Mecha Sonic, Mecha Rainbow Dash and Mecha Sally behind for the team to see, Sonic starts to become suspicious. The scene changes as the Heroes go on another "Super Sonic Surveillance of the Surrounds", as Sally sings from the area Amy was kidnapped, while Amy sings from her cell in Robotnik's base, about the secrets they had to keep while Sonic and Rainbow Dash resolve to not rest until Amy is found (I Got a Secret).

In Robotnik's base, Amy was dragged to the main room, where Robotnik uses his remote to activate a time bomb which he has set up in the base. Amy can't escape, since Kelda won't let her, so Amy begins to sing one line of "Thank You For Being You" to give away her position to her friends, who hear her from outside the bridge and start thinking of a way to rescue her. Frustrated at Amy's singing, Kelda asked why she's friends with Rainbow Dash and always helping her and Sonic beat her, even during the battle for the Earth's Core. Amy finds the idea of letting evil win repulsive, and shouts that she would never let Kelda have her revenge on Sonic and Rainbow Dash if she was the last Griffon in Australia. Kelda then decides to try and force Amy to let her have her revenge, stating that she'll feed her and her friends to a giant shark (Don't Make Me Laugh). After Kelda's song ends, Amy still refuses to give in, stating that if she did, it would betray the good name of the Freedom Fighters. She would rather jump off the bridge!

Enraged from the insult, Kelda prepares to throw Amy off the bridge. However, before she could, the Heroes overheard the whole thing, rushed in and rescued Amy in the nick of time. Then Rainbow Dash tells Kelda that if she wants revenge on her and Sonic, she's got it. Robotnik, Eckhart and Doji then enter, saying that they've been expecting the heroes. They and Kelda then unleash Mecha Sonic, Mecha Rainbow Dash and Mecha Sally as the villains face Sonic and Rainbow Dash (You Just Can't Win). Sonic and RD then dismantled the Mechas and the villains fled after that. Amy then approaches Sonic to sing her love for him with Sally backing her up (Thank You For Being You). After the song, Tails suddenly notices that the time bomb that Robotnik set earlier in the show is about to explode. Sonic uses Robotnik's remote to deactivate the bomb, reveal all seven Chaos Emeralds, enabling Cream to use her ring to reveal the missing eighth emerald. While the heroes prepare for the final battle, Rainbow Dash and Kelda sing from opposite sides about settling their score once and for all (The Plagues of War (We Will Settle This)).

After that, the heroes and villains have a final confrontation, which the heroes eventually won (A Filthy Finale). With the villains defeated, the Sonic Heroes and their two friends meet with all their other friends and their families, who were riding a Jumbo Jet. Everyone, including Asuna, sing about their union as friends and family (You and Me and Everyone). The song was even followed by a reprise of "What Are We Waiting For", which is temporarily interrupted by the escaping villains. The heroes then say goodbye to the audience, and the special ends.

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